So while obsessively trying to find the Haunted Mansion Dooney bag, I stumbled upon a couple Facebook Groups. Disney Dooney & Bourke and Harvey Auctions/Resale and Disney Dooney & Bourke groups. These groups had lots of people posting pictures of their bags with these wonderful bag charms. I didn’t see 2 charms exactly alike and decided I must find out how to get one of these treasures. It was on this hunt I came across Rhonda M., the owner of the Facebook page Magic 365.

Isn’t it MAGICAL

I asked Rhonda if she would be so kind to answer a few questions for this post and she agreed. Then after, I bought one of her fabulous charms for my original Sketch bag. Our email conversation went like this:

Jill: So Rhonda where did the inspiration come from to make these fabulous charms?

Rhonda: My inspiration comes from my love for Disney. My first trip to Disney World was 1971 shortly after it opened. It was almost 15 years before I returned and now we go at least twice a year. Disney has provided my family with so many memories. We surround ourselves with memorabilia to keep those memories alive. Disney aligning themselves with Dooney and Harvey was a match made in heaven for me. It seems natural for me to make Disney Purse Charms that enhance the Dooneys and Harveys.

Jill: When did you start making bag charms?

Rhonda: I made my first purse charm about a year ago. It actually was an enhancement to a Harvey bag charm. I gave it to a friend and soon people were asking for more.

Jill: Which one is your favorite?

Rhonda: It is so difficult to come up with a favorite. If forced to pick I would have to go with Dopey as the most fun, the Haunted Mansion Purse Charm as the most classic and the Mickey Head for my favorite custom order.

Jill: What are your prices?

Rhonda: Prices range from $16.99 to $35.00

All you have to do is chat with Rhonda over at Magic 365 and she will make you something fun for your bag too. You can even add these to non-Disney bags to show off your Disney Side.

So what bag charm are you going to get? I think I may have Rhonda make one for my soon to be owned Haunted Mansion Bag.



What do you think?

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