20140716-131438-47678232.jpgRecently, Disney XD debuted a new show, “The 7D” based on the 7 dwarfs. Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications has also debuted a new fun game, The 7D Mine Train, and it is just as fun as the show!

Following along with the themeing that Disney is so known for, this game is very similar to the show. As the title screen loads up, under the status bar, it says “Please wait, convincing Grumpy”. Players even get to choose which dwarf they want to play with. There are exciting loops, plenty of jumping action, & gems to collect. Quotes from the show are also heard throughout the game “Oh my cheese!”

20140716-131438-47678505.jpgGeared towards the 6-8 year olds, my NDK loved this game. She enjoyed getting to know the dwarfs by watching the short videos for each one. Her favorite dwarf is Dopey because he actually makes sounds in this version. And if your NDK is like mine, they will practice each of those.

This game is free, but does include In-App purchases (which I did not make). Gems are easily earned throughout the game. This game is playable without the extra purchases.

Have you played this game yet? Who is your favorite dwarf?


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