**Disclaimer – I received these books for review purposes from the Disney Book Group. All opinions are my own.
Story time is always a favorite in this Neurotic Disney home. NDK (Neurotic Disney Kid) is old enough to read, but not too old to still be read to! Books are wonderful on so many levels. We keep them everywhere – even in the car! Disney Books are a great way to keep Disney at home. Disney Book Group was kind enough to send these books for NDK approval – and just in time for plenty of Halloween fun!  Look for these books on shelves & online  July 22, 2014! And stay tuned for more new Disney book reviews closer to their publishing dates.

  • 5 Minute Spooky Stories
5 Minute Spooky Stories5 Minute Spooky Stories is a beautiful children’s book. Colorful artwork adorns the padded cover, showing characters from the various 12 stories that can be found in this fun treasury. Characters from Aladdin, Wreck It Ralph, Tangled & others join the line up. These are fun spooky stories that will keep your little one  smiling all the way to bed. And, like the cover suggests, these stories really do only take about 5 minutes (well, 5 minutes & 30 seconds, but we stopped along the way to really admire the artwork!). This book is perfect for Halloween, or anytime a spooky story is needed!
The NDK Review : I really like spooky stories (as NDK sings a chorus of “Boo- to you & you & you & you…Happy Halloween)! The pictures are great. The stories aren’t too scary. They’re like funny-scary. My favorite was Princess Aurora’s story!
  • Gravity Falls Pining Away (a chapter book)
Gravity Falls Pining AwayPining Away - Gravity FallsIf your young reader is a Gravity Falls fan, then this book is a must! This 112 page chapter book includes artwork from the show. From the back of the book:
“On the night of the Party at the Mystery Shack, Dipper discovers a way to clone himself and thinks he’s found the key to finally wooing Wendy. But will Dipper muster up the courage to ask her to dance? Or will his clones get jealous and turn on him? Then, when Lil’ Gideon knocks Mabel out of the “friend zone” and into the “romance zone,” Mabel can’t turn him down! Will Dipper help Mabel break up with Lil’ Gideon? Or will Mabel become Lil’ Gideon’s lil’ girlfriend? “
The NDK Review : This was a cute book. It was all about love. I think boys would like this book, too, because the printing machine IS cool.
  • Gravity Falls Happy Summerween!  / The Convenience Store … of Horrors!
Gravity Falls - Happy SummerweenThis colorful storybook has a 2-in-1 feature AND stickers!
In Happy Summerween!, the kids find out that the Summerween Trickster legend is real & they have to go Trick-or-Treating to save their lives!
The NDK Review : Awesome. I want to go Summerween Trick-or-Treating. It was funny. And it has stickers!
A fun night out with the “cool” kids takes Mabel & Dipper on an adventure with Wendy & her friends to The Convenience Store … of Horrors! The kids confront ghosts & spooky happenings along the way.
The NDK Review : This was creeeepy! The ghosts were amazing. It was totally haunted. I liked it.  Oh – and it has stickers!
Did we mention this book comes with stickers? Each story has a sheet of stickers that are themed to its story.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Man VS Dracula
The Ultimate Spider-Man VS DraculaMarvel has released another book in the continuous adventures of the Ultimate Spider-Man series. This time, your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man meets up with Dracula, King of the vampires! From the back of the book:
When Dracula-King of the Vampires-returns to control the living and the undead, it’s up to Spider-Man, along with some help from S.H.I.E.L.D.’s supernatural Super Heroes, the Howling Commandos, to stop this monster and return him to his tomb before it’s tomb late!
Once again, another book with stickers! This book is great. While we are a predominant Princess household, how can you not love a book that has Spider-Man in the bottom corner somewhere having dialogue with YOU?? That’s right – Spider-Man talks to you about the story.  

The NDK Review : The coolest part of this story was the little Spider-Man that talks to you. And that Spider-Man fought with monsters. I really like the halloween stickers. I thought I wasn’t going to like this book, but it was good. I like Spider-Man.


So, don’t take my word for it – these new books have the NDK stamp of approval!

What do you think?

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