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Disclaimer: I was given free product for the purpose of review*

The high flying comedy-adventure, Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue,  landed in theaters this past July. Even though it is not available on DVD yet, Disney Consumer Products has made it so easy to bring Dusty & his friends home to your Disney driven lives! From a press release – 

“Disney Consumer Products’ Planes: Fire & Rescue product line offers endless opportunities for vehicle play and introduces a new rescue play pattern that celebrates the teamwork and heroism in the film,” said Josh Silverman, executive vice president of global licensing, Disney Consumer Products. “With interactive toys that help knock down fire targets and play sets where Dusty can ‘put out fires,’ Planes fans of all ages can be the heroes in their own stories.”

Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue products are available now at retailers nationwide, Disney Store and

Planes: Fire & Rescue Fire Blastin' DustyWe received Planes: Fire & Rescue Fire Blastin’ Dusty by Mattel from Disney Consumer Products. Immediately, NDK was thrilled. We had seen Planes, but the character connection was just not there with the first movie. After seeing Planes: Fire & Rescue, NDK was in love with Dusty & Dipper. She had memorized all of the characters & became fully engrossed with the story app, Planes: Fire & Rescue. She knew right away what Dusty would be doing in our home – saving the Princesses.

The main objective for this toy is for kids to be able to help the “world famous air racer Dusty Crophopper save the day and put out the blaze by scooping up “water” balls and launching them at “fire” targets to take them out. “Smart Sounds” technology recognizes Dusty’s left and right position and when he’s shooting the water balls, and he emits action sounds and phrases from the movie to enhance the excitement.Planes Fire & rescue Dusty Storage

Honestly, I know what you are thinking – you are looking at the flames & those 6 blue balls & saying “Ack! Loose pieces!” And quite a few of them, too. I have been there. Those kinds of toys are just obnoxious. Lose a piece, and what’s the point of the toy? But – no worries!! This toy has storage – sort of. Those 6 blue balls, which really are very important to the purpose of this toy, conveniently stow away underneath the pontoons of Dusty. They are easily removable, too(read – no broken nails, moms).The only downside is no storage for the “fire” targets.  But, I can live with that.

Processed with MoldivDusty also talks. Did I mention that? He has more than 20 phrases & sounds when you pull back on the ball launcher handle or when you fly the plane left or right. These sounds are very realistic & enhance the play-ability.

In order to load Dusty, simply line up the water balls. Pressing down on the cockpit, roll Dusty along the way & he magically “scoops” up the “water”! Another nice point – Dusty works best on carpet.

As I mentioned earlier, NDK knew exactly what to do with Dusty. First we had a few practice shots. It will seem a little awkward at first, trying to find the best hold/firing position & working on aim, but that’s part of the fun! You can just have target practice at the end of the table, or you can have elaborate imaginative play sessions where the castle is on fire & Dusty must save the day! Imaginative play & fine motor skills are encouraged with this toy. This is definitely a toy that NDK enjoys. If you have a Dusty Crophopper fan in your Disney driven home, I highly recommend this toy!

Dusty & the princesses

*No Princesses were harmed in the taking of this picture*


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