So let’s talk about the Haunted Mansion Dooney in the Smith Style. This bag was originally released with red lining back in September of 2013. The retail price was $330 and it SOLD OUT almost faster then the Cast Members could put it on the shelves. People loved this bag. The red lining did cause grumbles from some but that didn’t stop it from flying off the shelves. I had read that this bag was not limited but supply was low and it would be a challenge to get. This bag was originally only sold in the parks and the merchandise line would not even entertain a phone order. My family trip to WDW had already happened so I resigned myself to admiring the HM from afar.

Then, in June, THE BAG popped up on the Disney Store site with purple lining. It sold out in a blink of an eye, but this gave me hope and put me back on the hunt again. The bag was also showing up more often in Disneyland and WDW. I could pay the fee to a shopper and get the bag, but I liked the hunt. I joined a couple Facebook pages that were for people looking to buy, sell and trade Disney Dooney and Disney Harvey bags. One of these groups had an In Search of List (ISO), so I added my name to the Haunted Mansion list. I checked the Disney Store site pretty regularly and learned the site is updated with all the new goodies around 3-3:15 AM Monday mornings. Good thing I get up early for work. One random Monday last month, I got a message that I was tagged in a Facebook post and I thought, “who is tagging me so early?”. I looked and it was a really nice person from the Dooney page. She had tagged everyone on the Haunted Mansion ISO list to let them know our bag was up for sale on the Disney Store site. So within a few clicks, my current grail bag would be on its way to me.

Pause for happy dance.

I got the bag and proceeded to pose our new puppy, Minnie (NDC 38), in it for fun. I posted this picture and some of the die-hard Dooney peeps were a little astonished I would treat my bag this way, but it was only for a minute and I thought it was cute.

Now to begin the quest for all the other cool Haunted Mansion stuff on the way this fall.

Yes she thought about taking a nibble.

Yes she thought about taking a nibble.


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