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Halloween is my family’s favorite time of the year. We spend quite a bit of time in the parks as soon as that first happy pumpkin sits in front of the train station. We religiously attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party(MNSSHP). While we all agree that the arrival of the Headless Horseman is the pinnacle of the evening, we all have our own favorite parts of the event as well. My husband, NDD, loves to watch the gravediggers perform in the parade. NDK loves getting the candy. But for me, I look forward to this particular part right here –

Call me cuckoo, but I *adore* Clara Cluck! Seeing her in the barn just clucking away makes me furiously happy – and I can’t explain it. I even sing along with her too – much to NDD’s embarrassment. I do believe my adoration began at a young age, but I can’t quite pinpoint the exact time.

Photo from Disney Hoo Zoo site

Photo from Disney Hoo Zoo site

Clara is a very dignified octogenarian. Making her debut on August 11, 1934 in Orphans’ Benefit, a short black & white cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends putting on a benefit show for a group of unruly orphans, Clara Cluck has sung her way through many Disney shorts & has even made cameo appearances in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” & “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”. 

clara cluck

437px-Clara_Cluck_DLPClara was originally voiced by Florence Gill & then later on by familiar Disney artist, Russi Taylor(Minnie Mouse).  Clara is well known in the comic book world, although she is known to speak instead of cluck. In the Disney Comic Universe, she is best friends with Daisy Duck and can be seen dating Gus Goose, on occasion. She has quite a fan base as well. Brent D., NDI 184, even has a page devoted to Clara Cluck on his website, From Screen to Theme!

Clara does have brief appearances in the parks. She can be seen in the Boo To You Parade, as mentioned above, and, for a while, was meeting & greeting guests at Disney’s California Adventure. She can also be seen in the video game Kingdom Hearts & at the end of the newer Mickey Mouse short, “Bad Ear Day“.

Happy 80th Birthday, Clara! Even though the video below focuses on Mickey’s birthday, her appearance in it is comical – and since it is birthday related – why not 🙂





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