Disney Movie Nights – they are just traditional. They usually involve pj’s, favorite snacks, blankets & stuffed friends. But, in changing times, there is a new concept of movie night…themed movie nights. I love this concept for so many reasons. It is more than just watching a movie. You can include themed activities, food, & decorations. Our whole family becomes involved. From planning, to decorating, to clean-up, it is a true example of teamwork & a great bonding experience.

abc family fundayLast week, we told you about ABCFamily Funday – a night of back-to-back Disney movies on Saturday, August 16th. I figured, it couldn’t hurt to throw out some ideas to make your “Funday” even “funner”(yes, in this case, ‘funner’ is an acceptable word). There are 4 movies featured – Mulan(6pm), Tangled(8pm), The Little Mermaid(10pm), and Pocahontas(11:45pm). So let’s have Movie Night!


  • The Little Mermaid color scheme is light blue, purple, green & red. Choose light blue table covers to represent the sea. You could accent the table ware with the purple.
  • Add feathers & leaves to the table to represent Pocahontas..
  • These Paper Lanterns from Tangled are beautiful.
  • Cute Paper Fortune Cookies from It’s Written on the Wall are a fun addition (Mulan).



Have a great time with this movie & let us know what you did to make your Adventure special! Have a movie suggestion for us? Leave a comment  Be sure to post any photos on our DDL FB Group !


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