Disney Princess Mulan will make a special appearance on Disney Junior’s hit Emmy-nominated series “Sofia the First” in a special episode premiering TODAY,Friday, August 15 at 9:30 a.m., ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Mulan & Sofia the First


In the episode titled “Princesses to the Rescue,” Sofia and her family take a trip to the Kingdom of Wei-Ling.  While there, Sofia’s brother Prince James and Prince Jin run off in search of the treasure of the Jade Jaguar and when King Roland and Emperor Quon go off to rescue the boys, they all find themselves trapped in the jaguar’s den, so it’s up to Sofia, Amber and Princess Jun to save their families.  Mulan appears to offer some strategic advice to the young princesses on how to rescue their dads and brothers.

Here’s a clip from the new episode –

One thought on “Sofia the First Meets Mulan – NEW Episode 8/15/14

  1. Wow, I liked how the producers decided to have Mulan appear in her military outfit while making her feminine body curves prominently visible. I guess this was done to emphasize two things: what she is best known for, and the fact that she is a Disney Princess.

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