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A Disney blooded, crafty, fun-lovin' wife/mom/organizer/planner, etc who is obsessed with all things Disney 🙂 Maria grew up with the Magic Kingdom and has loved watching WDW evolve into what it is today. A firm believer in the Power of Pixie Dust, she is the owner of The Disney Driven Life - A Community for Neurotic Disney People & a d.i.y. crafty blog, Carousel of Projects - create~inspire~share.

Most of our Sharing Saturdays stories involve the love of the parks. This week, Jeff R., NDH 65, & his wife Colleen, share how their passion for a TV show drove them to start a podcast together. They may be opposites when it comes to TV, but the love of “Once Upon A Time” brought it all together! What makes you an NDP? Have a story to share? Have your own Disney Fan Site or Podcast you want to share with the community? Send it to ndm130 AT thedisneydrivenlife DOT com. We just might feature your story here on Sharing Saturdays.

downloadThey say opposites attract, and that’s true, but they also talk about Smoke Monsters and Multiple Curses. My wife, Colleen,  likes the TV show “Friends,” “Bones,” “Castle,” and many TV investigation shows, but I don’t. I like documentaries, scary movies/TV shows, Sci Fi Movies/TV Shows, but my wife doesn’t. Even though we are very different, I remember that night I watched the Pilot of the TV show “Lost,” 15 minutes into it, I stopped it and told Colleen, “You’ve got to see this show!” She did, loved it, and so we began the journey of watching the incredible show together. We began our discussions on the couch about TV shows. So, even two different people can find something to share together.

Enter “Once Upon a Time”.
We watched the Pilot, and we both knew there was something to this show. We kept watching and discussing our theories and Easter eggs we spotted as we watched, and after the episode as we sat on the couch. By episode 4, I asked Colleen the question, “Would you like to start a podcast about “Once Upon a Time”?”, and the rest is history.
download (2)We have:
  • Podcasted for all 3 seasons.
  • Drove from Southern California to Vancouver B.C. and watched some of OUAT being filmed (Scenes with Lana and Josh Dallas) in Steveston (the setting for Storybrooke), met and got a picture with Josh Dallas, toured many of the filming locations, podcasted live from the Steveston hotel, and had a fantastic visit.
  • We have had many of the cast call in and leave voicemails for the podcast.
  • We have had emails and voicemails from listeners all over the world.
  • We have attended and reported on the OUAT panels at WonderCon and PaleyFest.
I could go on and on, but I will stop there.
I’m a: Star Wars, Hitchcock, Spielberg, Movie/TV/Story tropes and motifs buff.
Colleen is a: Literature buff, globetrotter (she’s been to many incredible places around the world), & history buff.
We both love Disney and our dachshund, Lady.
download (1)We are looking forward to the inclusion of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hans, and Pabbie and the Frozen story line into Once Upon a Time. Adam and Eddy (the show runners) have an incredible knack of taking an established Disney character and showing them in a real world sense as they struggle through life outside the confines of “And they lived Happily Ever After”. Many times we see ourselves in some of the characters, and connect with how they struggle and sometimes get a happy ending. “Once Upon a Time” isn’t just about retelling Disney (and other story) characters to a present day audience, its about watching those characters live their lives in our world. We love the TV show and that’s why we podcast about it.
We invite you to check out our podcast at
Are you a fan of the show, “Once Upon A Time”?  Have you listened to the podcast Once is Frozen? What’s your favorite episode?

What do you think?

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