And when you have the Best Day Ever.... You celebrate at Epcot in style

And when you have the Best Day Ever…. You celebrate at Epcot in style

This was me last year. And I could not have been more excited. After all, I HAD been applying since the second year of the Moms Panel. It was my first time ever making it past Round 1. I felt like a bucket list item could be checked off.  I was so excited, that we needed to celebrate –

I grabbed the family (also very excited for me) and we headed to Epcot. Obviously the night was planned for me – it was Food & Wine time, Night Ranger was in concert(my favorite), and we had the NDKs. We got to relax in the Chase Lounge(Peach Sprite for the win). The NDKs played Disney board games & I strategically placed us by the windows so I could hear the concert, too. We made our way to the UK Pavilion for Illuminations & I recall standing back by the Mary Poppins topiary watching NDD & the NDKs watch fireworks. The littlest NDKs were chasing each other & laughing like crazy. Older NDK watched fireworks with her head on NDD’s shoulder – and I stood back watching all of this (I *may* have teared up a bit) thinking – “How much more perfect could this night possibly be?”

It couldn’t have been. There was no way. It was my most perfect moment in time – and I spent it at Epcot. With my family.

Long story short, I did not make it to Round 3. But, I did not feel bitter. I didn’t get angry. How could I? With the memories that I had, there was no way I could. Ever. That moment will live on.

Now that you have my back story – here is where I implore you-

Keep It Classy.

Every year, for as far back as I can remember, it seems that almost everyone applies for the Moms Panel. The Disney love & joy is all over the Twittersphere. Friendships are made. It’s a bonding moment as all 10,000 of us(not a confirmed number) sit & wait in the “Moms Panel Waiting Room”. And then when those unmagical letters start to arrive, some become nasty & bitter. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you have received one of those pink-pixie-dusted unmagical letters(btw, they aren’t pink anymore), you know it hurts! You pour your heart into this process. You are the “Disney Go-To” person in your circle. You know no one deserves this more than you.  Unfortunately, there just isn’t room for 10,000 Moms Panelists.

I find the Disney bashing sad. The Moms Panelist team works hard to read all of our applications & narrow it down from 10,000 to 15-20(again, not a confirmed number). Last year, Gary Buchanan (@Gary_Jerry on Twitter) kept everyone in the loop with his unique brand of humor & constant updates, something we were not used to in the past. This year, he has already started the fun on Twitter by tweeting riddles about the Moms Panel Search(search #DisneyMP). I enjoy a good challenge & can’t wait for the search to begin this year.

That’s right – I’m applying again. And I encourage you to apply as well. Be a part of all the magic. But, keep it classy. If you are a recipient of an unmagical letter, there isn’t a need for Disney bashing online or anywhere. While I know your pain, look at it this way – Disney is your passion. You can still go to Disney. You are still the “Disney Go-To” person in your circle. And you were a part of the big picture.

Be grateful. Be graceful.

Be the person Uncle Walt would want you to be.


The Disney Moms Panel Search usually starts in the beginning of September. Check the Disney Moms panel site for details or keep an eye on Gary Buchanan on Twitter! Hope to see you all in the Waiting Room! I’ll have warm hugs & tissues for us all.

3 thoughts on “The Disney Moms Panel Search – Keep It Classy

  1. Very true, I always think of the moms panel as being one class act. No we don’t like the unmagical no’s each year but you have to keep trying and never give up.

  2. That is so true, Diane! The Moms Panel is a dream for a lot of us. You just have to keep moving forward & never give up on your dreams! Are you applying this year?

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