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Warning: This post does have SPOILERS. 

NDM Jen is a HUGE fan of “Once Upon A Time” & will be here every Monday to recap the episode and share her thoughts. We apologize for the recap not posting yesterday, as we were having technical difficulties. Be sure to check back every week and share your thoughts with Jen, too!

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Episode 3 opens with a shot of Robin Hood, Marian and their son, Roland (Raphael Alejandro) walking through Storybrooke, looking like a typical Happy Family.  Roland wants ice cream, so off they go to the ice cream shop, where the proprietress-slash-Evil-Snow-Queen-in-disguise serves up a cursed cone to Marian, on the house.  Not wasting any time getting to the action this week!

Down the street at Gold’s Pawn Shop, Emma and friends are questioning Gold about Elsa, since the urn she was trapped in came from his vault in the Enchanted Forest.  Gold is still in a very unfriendly mood…I guess all the bonding over Henry being his grandchild and saving him from Peter Pan and all has worn off….and denies having any knowledge of Elsa or Anna.  Emma reminds him that her “superpower” will tell her if he is lying (when are they going to forget about that whole “I can always tell when someone is lying” plot point? I cringe every time she says “superpower”, it’s so lame).  Gold counters with, well, why don’t I prove I’m telling the truth by having Belle use the dagger?  So Belle commands him to tell the truth, and he once again says he knows nothing about Elsa or Anna.  Of course, WE know that Belle has a fake dagger….and now Hook looks like he suspects it, too.

Back in Arendelle, Elsa is worrying about Anna, and Kristoff talks her out of going off to look for her.  Elsa gets word that Hans is leading an army against her, and Kristoff offers to go spy on him.  Elsa refuses to give him permission to leave.

Mary Margaret/Snow White is desperate to prove she can be a totally hands-on Mommy AND the world’s best mayor, and leads a “fireside chat” at the mayor’s office with the townspeople to prove it.  Um….am I the only one out there who heard “fireside chat” and immediately thought of @gary_jerry and the #DisneyMP??  Anyone??  Anyway, she totally can’t handle it, everyone runs right over her agenda and starts freaking out about the ice wall and Elsa.  All of a sudden, Marian collapses, and begins to freeze.

Henry is once again having cocoa at Granny’s, when Regina finds him and asks him to help her figure out who wrote the story book.  He’s totally excited to help her, and it’s a very nice bonding moment between them, which Robin Hood interrupts by asking Regina to help Marian.  Regina and Henry follow him back to the mayor’s office, where she takes one look at Marian and says it’s very powerful magic that she can’t stop, but she can try to slow it down.  She casts the blame on Elsa, but Elsa again insists that someone else in town has the same powers.  Elsa tells them that the only thing that can undo a freezing curse is an act of true love.  Regina says, “true love’s kiss, “which, as we all know from Frozen, is NOT the only act of true love that works, but, whatever, they all look at Robin.  He kisses Marian…..and it doesn’t work.  Emma says she is going out to find whoever is responsible, Regina gives her some grief about not being a very good Savior anymore, and Hook offers to help.  Emma smacks Hook down (figuratively) and tells him his job is to hide Elsa at the sheriff’s station.  He doesn’t look too thrilled by that directive.

In Arendelle, Kristoff and Sven have gone off to spy anyway, and find Hans and his brothers at an army encampment in the woods.  Hans’s brothers make fun of Hans and treat him like a dumb kid brother, but he insists he knows how to defeat Elsa, and shows them a drawing of the urn.  Kristoff returns to Arendelle and tells Elsa, saying he will go to the cave where the urn is, and destroy it.  Elsa says she will go with him.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, a mob of the usual suspects (Grumpy, Granny, assorted dwarfs) are stomping around blaming Elsa for everything.  Seriously.  All they were missing were some torches and pitchforks.

Elsa and Kristoff set off through the woods to find the cave where the urn is hidden, and SHE IS STILL WEARING THE SPARKLY BLUE BALLGOWN.  I have no words.

In Storybrooke, Elsa tells Hook that she refuses to let him hide her (and how could he hide her, anyway, when she’s hanging around town in A SPARKLY BLUE BALLGOWN), and he says good, he wasn’t planning to hide her, anyway.

David and Emma are in the woods, looking for “anything cold,” when they come upon the Merry Men’s encampment.  Someone is rummaging through Robin’s tent…it’s our old friend from Wonderland, the Knave of Hearts!

Michael Socha (the Knave of Hearts from "Once Upon a Time: Wonderland") returns to the "Once"-iverse as Will Scarlet.  All photos via ABC Television.

Michael Socha (the Knave of Hearts from “Once Upon a Time: Wonderland”) returns to the “Once”-iverse as Will Scarlet. All photos via ABC Television.

The Knave explains that he is Will Scarlet, formerly one of the Merry Men until he and Robin had a falling out.  He says he’s a thief, and that he broke into the ice cream shop during the blackout, and don’tcha know but nothing there was affected by the blackout, at all?  He leads Emma and David to the shop.

Regina tells Robin that once the freeze reaches Marian’s heart, she will die….but if Robin trusts her, she can do something to stop it.  He agrees, and Regina sends Henry to her vault.

Hook pays a visit to Gold, and tells him he knows that the dagger Belle used is a fake.  Gold refuses to call his bluff, and Hook tells him the price of his silence is his help finding out who cast the curse on Marian.  Elsa gives Gold a strand of Marian’s hair.  Magic mumbo jumbo, and some snowflakes begin floating over Gold’s hand.  He says if he releases them, they will lead Hook and Elsa to the person who cast the curse, because “magic seeks out like magic.”

Snow White is out on the street after the meeting, struggling one-handed with her baby stroller (perfect mommy cliche, am I right?) when Archie approaches her and offers some unsolicited advice about balancing work and motherhood.  Honestly, I tuned him out as soon as he suggested she learn to “let it go.”  ENOUGH.

Will Scarlet, Emma and David break into the ice cream shop, and discover all the ice cream is kept frozen by magic.  Will takes off, and Emma starts monologuing about what a terrible Savior she has been.

Elsa and Hook are in the woods, following the magic snowflakes.  Elsa offers Hook some advice about how to handle a woman like Emma.  Hook whines a bit.  It was a little disappointing, actually.  He’s spending far too much time mooning after Emma, who is definitely NOT appreciative enough of the charming, leather-clad pirate in her life.

Back in Arendelle, Elsa and Kristoff find the urn in the cave, but when Elsa picks it up, some runes appear on the surface, and she waffles about destroying it vs. taking it home to see if she can figure out what it says, in case it’s information about her powers.  So of course, that gives Hans plenty of time to get there.  Elsa and Kristoff fight off Hans’s men/brothers, but Hans gets the better of Kristoff.

In the woods, Elsa and Hook find the Snow Queen.  She has changed into an improbable sparkly ball gown of her own, and is doing some light icing in the bushes, apparently just for fun.  Hook calls Emma and leaves her a message, telling her where they are.

In the cave, Elsa trades the urn for Kristoff’s life, and tells him to find Anna and save Arrendelle from Hans.  Hans opens the urn to trap Elsa, but some silvery liquid pours out and solidifies into the Snow Queen, who freezes Hans.  The brothers take off, and the Snow Queen tells Elsa that she is special.

Tyler Jacob Moore debuts in this episode as Hans, the villains from "Frozen."

Tyler Jacob Moore debuts in this episode as Hans, the villains from “Frozen.”

In the woods, the Snow Queen catches Elsa and Hook spying on her, and traps Hook in some ice.  She tells Elsa they know each other, and Elsa doesn’t remember because the rock trolls changed her memories.  She says Anna put Elsa in the urn.  She froze Marian to frame Elsa, so that Elsa would remember that everyone fears “people like them,” and that she will kill Hook and make it look like Elsa did it to make sure that everyone turns on Elsa.  Emma arrives, and the Snow Queen says, “Emma?” like she knows her…but when Emma asks her how they know each other, she demurs and says everyone in town knows who Emma is.  Then some magic happens, Hook is saved…but the Snow Queen is gone.

We go back to Arendelle, though, and see that after the Snow Queen saved Elsa from Hans, Elsa took her back to the palace, where the Snow Queen tells her that she is their mother’s sister.  When Elsa questions why their mother never mentioned her, the Snow Queen says it’s probably because their mother wanted to save them from the painful story, and that she was trapped in the urn a long time ago by people who fear magic.  Elsa tells her that their mother died, and the Snow Queen promises to help her find Anna.

Emma is freaked out that the Snow Queen called her by name. Elsa is freaked out by the insinuation that Anna trapped her in the urn.

Marian is completely frozen.  Robin confesses that his kiss didn’t work because he is in love with Regina.  Regina is thrilled, but says she understands that he has to stay with Marian.  Henry brings her a storage box from her vault, and she rips Marian’s heart out to stop it from freezing.

Emma and Hook meet outside Granny’s.  Hook accuses Emma of pulling away.  She says it’s because everyone she cares about ends up dying.  Kissing happens.

The episode ends with an encounter between the Snow Queen and Gold in the woods.  They clearly know each other.  Gold says, “Sorry things didn’t work out the way you wanted,” and the Snow Queen answers, “They will.”  Gold asks if Emma remembered her, and says he’s ready to make a deal whenever she is.

SO!  Who else is irritated by the ladies running around the woods in ridiculous dresses?  Why is Gold so grumpy all the time, when it seemed like he was planning to turn over a new leaf?  Will Snow get a real story line, or are we going to continue to get beaten over the head with the trite working-mom-can’t-do-it-all-even-though-she’s-spunky-and-is-sure-gonna-try garbage?  When will we see Will Scarlet again, and what rabbit hole might he lead us down this time?  Can we just go ahead and kill Marian off, and let Regina be happy? How does the Snow Queen know Emma?  Did Anna really trap Elsa in the urn?  Can Kristoff be any more unlikeable?  WAS JONATHAN GROFF JUST NOT AVAILABLE???  So many questions.  What do you think?

Did you watch?  What did you think? Tell me! I’m looking forward to chatting about all things OUAT with you, all season long!

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