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Waiting room folks, tomorrow is the day!! @Gary_Jerry tweeted this earlier this week:

If you are reading this and do not understand this reference, the photo is from the original Freaky Friday movie with Jodie Foster. As wonderful as this movie is, it was lacking a decent soundtrack. I really wanted a song from this movie, alas, a You Tube search only provided videos from the Lindsey Lohan remake, and while Jamie Curtis was stellar in this film, and a few of the songs rocked, I. JUST. COULDN’T. I’m sure you understand.

In the search, songs from the Lizzie McGuire movie popped up. Remember her? Disney’s clean princess from the 90’s. I have children old enough to have experienced the FULL Lizzie McGuire movement on the Disney Channel, on through the movie, the soundtrack, and whatever other items we could get our hands on back then. I think we even have this movie on VHS. I have yet to share this experience with NDK, but that’s for another time. Back to Moms Panel stuff….

Gary has been keeping us updated as to when the announcement for those who will advance to Round 2 will be, providing many clues that this would be the week. And, as suspected, Friday, October 17th, will be the day! Many hopefuls are making grand plans ahead of the game. Some want to be at a Disney park when they open the email. Others have scheduled hair appointments, knowing that advancement to Round 2 means submitting a short video. The turn around time for Round 2 is generally short, just a few days, so I can fully appreciate getting these things done beforehand.  After all, this is what dreams are made of!

For us die-hard Disney fans, this is the ultimate time. Everyone is hopeful through Round 1. And then, most applicants do not make it to Round 2. It’s a cumbersome project for the Disney team that sorts through the 10,000 or so applications(number not confirmed, just guess-timated). Tomorrow is THE DAY – the day that some of us will move on. And the day that some of us will find out that we will be working on our answers for next year instead of our answers for Round 2.

While moving on to Round 2 is a great experience, not moving on can be felt like a crushing blow. The important thing to remember is that it is not necessarily that your answers were not “good enough,” it’s more that there is only room for under 20 people. Don’t “woulda-shoulda-coulda” yourself if you get the “Sorry, maybe next year” letter. Instead, remind yourself that you tried your best and you WILL get to participate again next year! Sometimes, the fun and the experience through Round 1 is totally worth the agony. Many friends are made, friendships are strengthened, and our love for Disney only grows more each year. Think about it, if you were to make it to the Moms Panel, you wouldn’t be able to experience the fun that Gary has shared with us through Twitter. If I do not make it to Round 2, I just hope that someone will share the answer to ’71 and rice.

Since we are all still in the waiting room for one more day, I chose the Lizzie McGuire song “What Dreams Are Made Of.” It was just too fitting as we all sit on pins and needles waiting for that email!

Please be sure to share with us if you advance to Round 2! We would love to cheer you on!! If you are not chosen, please know that our hearts are with you, as I have been there as well. Let’s cheer on Round 2 applicants together and start our strategies for next year’s panel! Pixie dust for everyone! Until tomorrow, this IS what dreams are made of…..

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