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Jen wears polka dot dresses with crinolines, and rocks a faux-hawk and the ukulele. When she’s not completely immersed in working on one theatrical production or another, she’s busy homeschooling her kids, making costumes and throwing elaborately themed parties. Jen lives in a small town on the coast of North Carolina, with her amazingly supportive husband, Adrian, and their two boys, Max and Milo. She shares some of their adventures on her blog, Sartor.


once upon a time title frame

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming up on Once Upon A Time this week:

Advances in two big story lines previewed here:  Anna finds Rumplestiltskin, and clearly things get very interesting between them, and Hook (Hand??) and Emma finally have a real date.  Not loving that Hook went to Rumple for help with his hand, though, because as we all know, ALL MAGIC COMES WITH A PRICE.  I don’t like the thought of Hook paying Rumple’s fee down the road, could mean bad things for our favorite pirate.

But here’s the really interesting thing about this episode:  the title is, “The Apprentice.”  Might we FINALLY get some answers about the Sorcerer’s Hat that Gold found in the season premiere?  I hope so!!

Tune in Sunday, October 19 to find out, and then come back here on Monday and pick it all apart with me!

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