When I head out on vacation to Walt Disney World I like to tell my friends and family that I am in my “Happy Bubble”. I like to think that the world around me stops and that only the world of Disney exists. I don’t watch newscasts in my room. (Is there really any channel at Disney that doesn’t show Stacey and the “Top 7 Things to do at WDW”?) I don’t read news online, and I don’t buy a newspaper.

More and more, I have found myself creating a similar bubble around me here at home. Bit by bit I have stopped buying the local paper, I don’t watch the national news, and I seem to only get a glimpse into the world around me through social media and the news on my local radio station. I realize now that I have been trying to build my own Happy Bubble in my world around me. A few days ago that bubble was shattered in a way that I don’t think I will ever be able to recreate it.

Living in Canada, my bubble kept me immune from the world of Terrorism. The images I saw in the few newscasts I watched seemed so isolated from the life I live that they almost appeared make believe. The terrible events in Ottawa which is our nation’s Capital brought home the realization that although I can seek rest and respite in my Happy Bubble, I also need to spend more time aware of the world around me.

I live over 3 hours away from Ottawa and although I knew I was safe from the terror that was going on there, my Son is a Freshman in Ottawa at Carleton University. My immediate impulse was to check in on him. Thankfully he was aware of the events going on Downtown and remained safe in his residence on campus along with his other classmates. He posted regular updates on Facebook to let our friends and family know that he was OK. Although I knew he was safe, I was still constantly fighting an urge to jump in my vehicle and head to his school so I could hug him and keep with me. My instinct as a Mom was to try to gather my family around me. I wanted to recreate my bubble.

I didn’t drive to Ottawa, but I did spend a little longer than usual with my Hubby talking to our son on Skype last night. I hugged my daughter who is still at home a little harder before bedtime and I said extra prayers for those people who knew the fallen soldier. Their Happy Bubbles have been shattered forever.

I am slowly building my bubble up, but I don’t think it will ever enclose me quite as much as it once did. I realize now that the world around me has changed and that I need to keep abreast of how these changes affect my life. I am still going to share my own positive outlook on those around me and look to make changes for good in the world. At the same time I look forward to entering my next Disney Vacation bubble; where I can enter a world full of Pixie Dust and Magic…and still keep room in it to stay aware of the wonderful world around me.

What do you think?

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