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Warning: This post does have SPOILERS. 

NDM Jen is a HUGE fan of “Once Upon A Time” & will be here every Monday to recap the episode and share her thoughts. Be sure to check back every week and share your thoughts with Jen, too!

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This episode finally gives us some backstory on Belle!  I don’t know about you, but I have been a little curious about this girl ever since she basically volunteered to move in with the Beast, aka Rumplestiltskin, back in Season One.  I mean, who does that??

So here’s what we find out in the early moments of episode 6.  During the Ogre Wars (remember those??  The same war that led Rumple to become the Dark One?), Belle’s home was under siege.  She and her mother are in the library, trying to save their favorite books (as you do) when a big scary CG ogre attacks them.  Belle wakes up in a panic, thinking she dreamed the whole thing…but, no, Mom’s really dead.  Belle just can’t seem to remember exactly what happened.

In Storybrooke, Gold is putting the Sorceror’s Hatbox away in his safe when Belle rushes in to say Emma needs to see them.  They join the rest of the gang at the Sheriff’s Department, where Emma shows them the  video she discovered of the Snow Queen at her foster home.  No one has any answers, not even Gold (failure number four hundred and twenty-seven of Emma’s alleged super power).  Henry suggests they’ll find the Snow Queen if they find her ice cream truck, so the gang splits up to search for it.  Belle and Elsa go to the library to do research.

Enhanted Forest Belle is still trying to remember what happened to her mother, and tells her father that she has read about some creatures that can restore her memory.  Dad forbids her to leave, saying all magic comes at a price, and he’s not willing for her to pay it.  He shuts her in her room, but Belle grabs a map of Arendelle out of a book and says she’s going anyway.  Cue the rock trolls.

In the Storybrooke library, Belle once again has the map of Arendelle, but hides it from Elsa, and lies to her about knowing anything about Arendelle or Anna.

Anna and Elsa are reunited in Arendelle, and Anna is delighted to learn that Elsa has been learning to control her powers, but immediately suspicious of the sudden appearance of the previously unheard of Aunt Ingrid (aka the Snow Queen).  Ingrid says, once again, that they didn’t know about her because it was too painful for their mother to talk about.  Anna lies to Elsa about finding any answers about their parent’s voyage, and returns to the reindeer barn which is apparently the only place Kristoff hangs out, to tell him how creepy Aunt Ingrid surely can’t be what she seems.  Kristoff thinks she’s overreacting, so she says she’s going to ask the rock trolls for information.  Once again, she asks Kristoff to “keep an eye on” Elsa, which I just kinda don’t get.  Anyway, Kristoff offers to gather supplies for Anna’s journey.  Anna replies, “Oh, I’ll just stop by Oaken’s” and I immediately get a sinking feeling in my stomach that yet another lame Frozen moment in headed our way.  The shot widens to reveal that Ingrid has been eavesdropping on Anna and Kristoff.

A poorly-camoflauged ice cream truck, clearly meant to be found, is discovered by our gang of heroes in the woods. It’s completely empty, save a file folder of Emma-robelia.

[Insert another filler scene of Elsa’s endless angst and Belle’s lying about Anna HERE.]

And then, there it was.  Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post.  Honestly.  I couldn’t even watch.  Belle meets Anna, they set off for the rock trolls together.  No one wants your damn sauna, Oaken.

YooHoooo!  I'm another silly movie reference! (all photos via ABC Television)

YooHoooo! I’m another silly movie reference!
(all photos via ABC Television)

In Lana Parilla’s ONE MOMENT of this episode, she pulls Robin Hood aside in the woods to tell him she can’t save Marian, he is going to have to set aside his feeling for her and figure out how to fall in love with Marian again in order to break the curse.  Of course, anyone who has seen Frozen knows that True Love’s Kiss is NOT the only AOTL (Act of True Love) that can break the frozen curse, so something tells me that Regina and Robin may yet have a happy ending.

Oooh, wait, I just remembered.  Regina had one other perf moment, when she called Hook “Captain Guyliner.”  Love.

Gold breaks away from the gang to summon the Snow Queen, and warns her that Emma is on to her.  SQ says it’s all part of her plan.  Gold offered to make a deal with her, but the SQ warns him to stay out of her way, as she has something he needs.

Belle runs into Gold’s shop and grabs a pickaxe, saying she’ll save Anna.  Flashback to Arendelle, where Belle and Anna are using the same pickaxe to clumsily climb a rock face, on their way to the trolls.  Anna drops her bag, and the Sorceror’s Hatbox falls out.  She tells Belle about its power, but is somewhat vague about Rumplestiltskin.  Back to Gold’s shop, where Gold enters and asks Belle what she’s doing.  Belle says she’s going to find the Snow Queen, to fix a mistake she made long ago, and asks for his help.  He refuses, so she pulls out the dagger and commands him to.  Hmmm.  Take her on a fool’s errand to the SQ’s lair or reveal that he’s been lying to her about the dagger?

Emma goes through the file from the ice cream truck, and realizes that at some point, she and the Snow Queen really cared about each other.  So why can’t she remember any of it?  She finds a page of runes in the folder.  PS – these short scenes of Hook being adorable and witty are great and all, but when is he going to get a real storyline????

Belle and Gold arrive outside the Snow Queen’s cave, and she commands him to stand guard while she goes in to find the Sorcerer’s Hat.  Gold is slightly shocked that she even knows about it, and stammers that such a thing surely can’t even exist.  He fails to talk her out of going in.

In Arendelle, Anna and Belle find Grandpabby, who tells Belle he can help her.  He  pulls her memory out of her head and turns it into a stone, telling her to return to the place she lost her memory, brew some tea with the stone in it, and she’ll remember.  Anna asks him about Ingrid, and he reveals that Anna’s mother, Gerda, had TWO sisters, Ingrid and Helga, who disappeared one day.  Grandpabby helped the kingdom deal with the tragedy by taking all memories of the two missing princesses, and the royal family erased all mention of them from their records.

In the Snow Queen’s cave, Belle discovers the Magic Mirror.  She sees herself reflected in it, and herself is talking to herself.

The Snow Queen cometh.

The Snow Queen cometh.

Anna and Belle are walking home along a precarious ledge when a storm comes up.  Anna somehow knows, however, that it’s not a real storm, it’s Ingrid, trying to stop her from telling Elsa about their mother and her sisters.  Belle falls and drops her magic memory stone onto a lower ledge.  Anna falls, and is dangling off the cliff, screaming for help.  Belle hesitates, unsure whether she should get her stone or save Anna.  The stone falls and breaks, Anna falls and is captured by Ingrid (who also takes the Sorcerer’s Hatbox) who vanishes, taking Anna with her.

Mirror Belle is taunting Actual Belle, saying she’s a coward, that Gold only married her because she’s weak, and the dagger she has isn’t real.  Gold comes in to warn her that the Snow Queen is approaching (why can’t the Snow Queen just apparate in and out of her own cave???), sees the mirror and tells Belle not to look at it.  Belle is slightly possessed, and attacks Gold.  He apparates the two of them back to his shop, where Belle confesses that she is the reason Anna is missing and that she’s not worthy of him.  Gold is feeling all the guilty feels.

Enchanted Forest Belle returns home, where her father confesses that her mother died to save her.  Belle says that the Ogres must be stopped, and insists that she will find Rumplestiltskin and ask for his help, because she is determined to be a hero, like her mother.

Gold returns to the Snow Queen’s cave, to tell her that he won’t allow her to hurt the ones he loves.  Ingrid blows him off, but he gets her attention again by revealing that he is in possession of the Sorcerer’s Hat.

In Arendelle, Ingrid has Anna locked in a prison cell, and tells her she’s going to tell Elsa that Anna was planning to use the hat to strip her of her powers.  She says that she hoped they could all be a family, but now she’s kicking Anna out and plans to find a replacement.

Sparkly-dress Elsa returns to the Storybrooke Sheriff’s Department to tell Emma and Hook that she found a book of heraldry in the library, and it turns out her mom had two sisters.  Ingrid is clearly one of them, and the mysterious Helga looks JUST LIKE EMMA.  (My question is:  if the royal family erased all records of the two missing princesses, how did this book make it, unchanged, to the Storybrooke Library??) Elsa spots the page of runes in Emma’s file, and reads it.  It’s a prophecy, that says the Savior will be named Emma, and that the Savior will become Ingrid’s sister.  Belle runs in, and in the most quick-fix, tacked-on, ridiculous bit of last-minute exposition I have ever seen on this show, says that Gold told her about the Snow Queen’s magic mirror and that it’s part of a spell that will turn the whole town against each other.

Usually I am left with SO many unanswered questions at the end of these episodes.  The only one I really care about the answer to at this point is:  how many more episodes in the Frozen story arc?  I’m SO ready to let it go.

Are you loving or hating this season, so far?   Am I just being grumpy?  Hey, WHERE IS GRUMPY?  Can we get back to our favorite Storybrooke characters soon? Please??

Not from this episode.  But since he's not getting nearly enough screen time this're welcome.

Not from this episode. But since he’s not getting nearly enough screen time this season…’re welcome.

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  1. You are singlehandedly responsible for me binge watching this show from the beginning. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t trying to finish my Master’s degree.

  2. Oh, I am SO glad to be of servicel!! Are you all caught up? You love Hook, right? I knew it. Don’t try to deny it.

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