Disney Movie Nights – they are just traditional. They usually involve pj’s, favorite snacks, blankets & stuffed friends. But, in changing times, there is a new concept of movie night…themed movie nights. I love this concept for so many reasons. It is more than just watching a movie. You can include themed activities, food, & decorations. Our whole family becomes involved. From planning, to decorating, to clean-up, it is a true example of teamwork & a great bonding experience.

pocohantasDon’t you just love Fall? The changing leaves and the blustery winds and signs that things are about to change. What better movie to watch to celebrate Fall than Pocahontas!


  • Golds, browns and oranges represent the Colors of the Wind and are perfect for your table. Mix them up with whatever you may have on hand.
  • Hang the dream catchers you made for a nice splash of color in the room.
  • Use pumpkin, squash and Indian corn as a centerpiece.
  • Build a teepee in the middle of the room. Let the kids use it to play, read or relax while dinner is cooking.


  • Colors of the Wind Cookies – Make sugar cookies and cut them out using leaf cookie cutters. Have fall colored icing in decorator bags with different tips attached. Let each child decorate their own cookie for dessert.
  • Dream Catchers – Make your own dream catcher using pipe cleaners and feathers.
  • DIY Pocahontas Tattoo – Using washable markers let the kids draw simple tattoos on each other’s arms. They can try to replicate Pocahontas tattoo or come up with ideas of their own that representing something special about their sibling (musical notes, balls, sunshine, ect.)


  • Veggie Cornucopia – fill a sugar cone with your kids’ favorite veggies – carrots, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, ect. Be sure to have a few of the veggies spilling out onto their plate.
  • Corndog Muffins – prepare corn muffin mix and fill mini muffin tins about half way full of batter. Place sliced hot dogs in the middle of each leaving the tops of the hotdog uncovered. Following package directions bake until the muffins are done. Serve with ketchup and mustard.
  • Sunflower Fruit and Cheese Platter – Cut cheese slices in half, then cut an inverted “V” in one of the narrow ends. Arrange the cheese slices in a circle to resemble a sunflower, leaving an open circle in the middle. Next fill the center with grapes. Use a stalk of asparagus for the flower stem.
  • Finish the meal with your Color of the Wind Cookies.

Have a great time with this movie & let us know what you did to make your Adventure special! Have a movie suggestion for us? Leave a comment  Be sure to post any photos on our DDL FB Group !

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