As part of our “A Month of Thanks” celebration, we asked our readers and contributors to share their stories about why they are thankful for Disney. Here is just one of those submitted. If you would like to share why you are thankful for Disney, please see this article or contact Maria (NDM 130)


When I was 10, in the mid-seventies, I went to Walt Disney World for the first time. In fact, I was more interested by visiting the Kennedy Space Center and Disney was too much the “small boy”  part of me that I wanted to get rid of in order to grow and think about the future. However, it changed very quickly when I arrived at Walt Disney World. In fact, it changed when I saw the monorail at the Transportation and Ticket Center. Somehow, I think that this day I had the demonstration (without understanding it at the time) that futurism and your “inner child” are not incompatible; they are indeed a perfect match. As someone who can be rather pessimistic, I am thankful to Disney for that dose of optimism about a “great big beautiful tomorrow.”

the contemporary resort


3 thoughts on “Thankful For My Inner Child – A Month Of Thanks

  1. I stayed once (3 days) at the Yacht and beach Club during a professional trip, but I visited the ones near MK, and of course the Contemporary (and also the spectacular AK Lodge). Visiting the premium Disney hotels is a worth to do “attraction” because of the theming.
    With my wife and our 2 kids, we did 4 vacations in Florida and, each time, WDW was a big part of the trip. And my kids enjoyed it as much as I did and still do:

  2. I couldn’t agree more on visiting the resorts. Kidani Village is my favorite, but I’m hoping we get to stay at one of the MK resorts next trip. We rode the monorail and stopped at the MK resorts once and had a great time.

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