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once upon a time title frame

The next episode of Once Upon a Time is entitled “The Snow Queen.”  Here is the official promo:

So the Snow Queen is finally in custody, but it looks like that’s not going to stop her from continuing to cause trouble in Storybrooke, as she apparently causes a major Emma-freakout just by suggesting her family fears her nascent Savior powers.

In related news, Emma realizes how much she missed out on by not growing up in her parents’ care, which is driven home to her as she sees how much time Mary Margaret spends with Prince Neal (look for a fairy tale play group with Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella and their bambinos).  Can you find the Hidden Mickey??

My mom's group never had this many Disney Characters in it.

My mom’s group never had this many Disney Characters in it.

We’re also going to see Ingrid, the Snow Queen, as a child, and meet Helga, the missing princess of Arendelle, and Regina will get a little more screen time as she continues to struggle with her feelings for Robin Hood and how to save the frozen Marian.

Tune in Sunday, November 9, 2014 to catch “The Snow Queen” on ABC!

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