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Warning: This post does have SPOILERS. 

NDM Jen is a HUGE fan of “Once Upon A Time” & will be here every Monday to recap the episode and share her thoughts.  Be sure to check back every week and share your thoughts with Jen, too!


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We are drawing close to the end of the Frozen story arc, and I am determined to keep the faith until the second half of the season, in sincere hope that the show I love returns.  That being said….

The episode opens with young Ingrid and her two sisters chasing a kite, which inevitably crashes into a tree.  Typical sisterly bickering ensues, with Ingrid trumping all arguments by playing the I-will-be-queen-one-day card.  A mysterious creepy creep comes out of the woods and tries to snatch the two younger girls, resulting in the emergence of Ingrid’s ice power for the first time (she ends up killing the guy?  Is he just knocked out?  I guess when you’re the princess, youthful indiscretions like murder get swept under the carpet.)  Ingrid freaks out, but her sisters promise to help her and hide her power from everyone else.  They make a pact, and each take a yellow ribbon from the kite as a symbol of their bond.

In present day, Ingrid is in Storybrooke, keeping her magic mirror in the clock tower now.  (Aside: she must have to wash the train on that gown EVERY DAY.)  Regina is in her vault, where she gets a visit from Robin Hood.  Same old story: You must forget me and love Marian again to save her, Oh but I just can’t, I love YOU, Regina, et cetera et cetera. Emma and Elsa-in-the-blue-sparkly-dress are at the Sheriff’s Department, having yet another bonding sesh over how hard it is to have powers that no one understands. Emma find a runic spell, they try to do some magic together.  The spell doesn’t work, and Emma leaves to go babysit Prince Neal.

Emma arrives at the fairy-tale-baby playgroup to pick up Neal, and a lot of boring mommy chatter ensues (Oh, look at how much STUFF a baby requires!).  In tonight’s entries into the most over-the-top Disney reference competition, there is a kid dressed as  Mickey Mouse, and Cinderella actually says, “Oh, if he won’t go to sleep, just do what I do and tell him he’ll turn into a pumpkin by midnight.”   Emma is holding Neal’s bottle,which starts boiling (remnants of the fire spell she was just trying to cast with Elsa), and all of the mommies are freaked out.

That's ONE way to warm a baby bottle....

That’s ONE way to warm a baby bottle….

Emma reaches for Neal, but Mary Margaret yanks him away. Before Emma can really react to that, David calls to say there’s an ice trail leading up to the clock tower.  Emma bails on babysitting, and she, Elsa and David go racing up to the tower.   Emma manages to successfully use the magic she was practicing earlier to capture Ingrid, but Ingrid does not actually seem that shocked that Emma succeeded.  It seems fairly obvious that Ingrid allowed herself to be captured.

In Arendelle,  grown-up Helga and Gerda are getting ready for their father’s birthday party, but Ingrid insists that she won’t be joining them.  At the party, Helga introduces her  father to her suitor, the Duke (he’s so obviously the Duke of Weselton). This happens:

Dukes dance, dukes dance, dukes dance TOO.

Dukes dance, dukes dance, dukes dance TOO.

Ingrid is spying on the party (she sure does spy/eavesdrop a lot!) and a snow flurry appears in the air around her.

In Storybrooke, Emma and Elsa have Ingrid in an interrogation room. Elsa very aggressively demands to know where Anna is, but Ingrid insists that Anna is the one who put Elsa in the urn, so why would Elsa want to find her?  Emma tells Elsa to leave, and returns to question Ingrid on her own about what their past relationship was, and why Ingrid erased her memories of it.   Ingrid tells Emma she’s proud of her, and when Emma is skeptical, Ingrid invokes Emma’s stupid super power.  Ingrid insists that Emma will believe her by the end of the day, and not only that, she will let Ingrid go.

Regina is at home, looking through the story book when Henry comes in, dressed in a suit for work at Gold’s shop.  Henry asks about Robin, but Regina insists that she has to “let it go” (do they keep saying that?  Is it just me?) and that Operation Mongoose (finding out who wrote the book) is her top priority.  Henry says he will look for clues in the shop.

Emma is still interrogating Ingrid, and wants to know why Ingrid has been tracking her for all these years.  Ingrid says she was protecting her, but Emma asks why she would do that, they are not family. Ingrid insists that she and Elsa ARE Emma’s only real family, because her blood family fears her.

Back in Arendelle, Ingrid is preparing to leave after the party, because she says she’s not meant to have the kind of normal lives her sisters deserve.  She can’t control her power, and thinks that Helga should be the queen.  Helga says they will never abandon each other, and Gerda mentions that she’s heard of a sorcerer who might be able to help them.  He lives in Misthaven (which we know is the Enchanted Forest), and his name is RumRumpelstiltskin

Elsa, David and Hook are in clock tower with Ingrid’s mirror.  Belle comes in and wants them not to look into it. In an episode once again sadly lacking in Hook, at least we got this excellent response:  “I’ve been staring at it all day and I’m even more devilishly handsome than ever.”  So they realize it’s a fake mirror, and that Ingrid must have wanted to be caught.  Ya think? They run to the Sheriff’s Department to warn Emma, but the doors are frozen over.

Robin Hood is playing darts at Granny’s, missing every shot (that’s how you know he’s upset, right?).  Will Scarlet comes in, and Robin is not happy to see him.  Will says he wants to make amends for what he did to him and the Merry Men in Sherwood Forest.  They review the story of how Robin met Marion, the point being that that’s when Robin decided to steal from the rich and give to the poor.  Will reminds him that true love is worth changing your whole life for.

Henry is sweeping up Gold’s shop with the Sorcerer’s broom, complaining that he wants something more interesting to do.  Gold gives him furniture polish.  Heh.  Sounds like something I’d do to my kids.  David and the Scooby Gang come storming in, asking for help getting into the Sheriff’s Department.  Hook is suspicious that Gold doesn’t seem too concerned about Ingrid.

In the Enchanted Forest, the royal sisters have arrived at Rumple’s house.  He doesn’t understand why Ingrid would want to give up her power, and offers to teach her to control it instead, but she insists she wants to be rid of it.  He gives her some gloves, which he says will help control her power,  but he also gives her the urn, and explains that if things get out of hand, she can use it to trap herself.  In exchange, Rumple asks for the yellow ribbons they wear on their wrists, because they are full of the power of love.  Her sisters don’t want to give them up, but Ingrid insists.

Back to the interrogation room, where Ingrid has definitely turned the tables and is browbeating Emma into believing that her family isn’t really her family, they can’t possibly love her or understand her, that they fear her, and that one misuse of her power will turn them against her.  Emma finally cracks, and, in a burst of uncontrolled magic, blows the side of the building off.  Ingrid disappears in a flurry of snow.  Emma is totally freaked out about not being able to control her power.  The Scooby gang arrives, and she freaks out some more. In the ensuing mayhem, a light pole falls over and knocks David over. He’s not terribly hurt, but Mary Margaret chastises her and Emma takes off. Ingrid is spying on them, as she does, and looks very smug.

In Arendelle, Ingrid in gazebo, contemplating her gloves and the urn. The Creepy creep Duke comes along and tries to kiss her, saying she’s the one he really wants.  She shoves him, but he really goes flying because powers. Just then, Helga comes along, and Duke Creepy tries to tell her that Ingrid tried to kiss him, and then kill him when he rebuffed her.  Helga knows he’s lying, and breaks up with him.  After the inevitable Weselton/Weasalton joke, the Duke says he’s going to tell all of Arendelle about what a freak Ingrid is. Some confusion happens, and Ingrid accidentally freezes Helga, who turns into a pile of Helga ice cubes.

Regina is in her vault, looking at the book again.  Robin comes in.  He says he has always tried to live by his code every day of his life, but today is not one of those days, and lots of kissing happens.  Go Regina!


Look!  Kissies!

David, Hook and Elsa cannot find Emma.  Mary Margaret says they failed her. Emma is out in the woods, overlooking the town.  The Snow Queen is smugly looking in her mirror.

Gerda discovers Ingrid crying over the Helga ice cubes.  Ingrid asks for her help, but Gerda says she is a monster and traps her in the urn. She picks up the gloves, and goes to see Grandpabby to ask him for help changing everyone’s memories so that no one remembers that Helga and Ingrid ever existed.  He says he will help, but warns her that the truth has a way of coming out and that magic always comes with a price.

In the final scene, Gold is in his shop, looking at a snow globe of Storybrooke.  Ingrid comes in, and Gold says he’s impressed by what she did to Emma.  Ingrid is ready to make a deal, because she wants her ribbons back.  Gold says she might not have anything he wants.  She says he needs one more thing to cleave himself from the dagger, and she knows what it is.  She says Storybrooke is a small town, too small for the Dark One to be content.  She knows that he wants what all villains want, EVERYTHING, and she wants to give it to him.  He can have the rest of the world, as long as she can have Storybrooke.  She whispers in his ear what he needs, and he says “not only can I do that, but I shall do it with great pleasure.”

Okay, so what did the Snow Queen whisper in Gold’s ear?  Is Gold really after world domination, and SINCE WHEN? Why did Helga immediately turn into a pile of ice cubes, when we saw Anna get hit with ice powers TWICE in Frozen and live to tell about it?  And…just where is Anna?  I mean, Elsa has no idea where she is, right?  But..isn’t she in Arendelle?  I mean, we know Elsa ended up in an urn in Rumpelstiltskin’s vault, but what makes her think that Anna isn’t home safe in Arendelle, married to Kristoff and raising little reindeer?

I assume we’ll get the answers to all our Frozen questions in next week’s two-hour extravaganza, “Smash the Mirror,” which hopefully will send Ingrid packing, and sparkly blue gowned Elsa back to Arendelle, which is just where I like her.


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