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I was incredibly lucky to be introduced to Disney at an early age, with a Winnie the Pooh bedroom, complete with a red shag carpet (please forgive my parents, it was the 1970's). I visited WDW as a child and clearly remember Goofy skiing up to the beach at the Polynesian Village Resort Hotel and that it was just after a dance recital, so I posed like a ballerina in almost every family shot! (My poor brother was mortified.) When we got a VCR, I became a huge fan of all the Disney shorts that were available on video watching them over and over again. However, it wasn't until my husband and I honeymooned at Animal Kingdom Lodge and then a couple of years later participated in our first runDisney event that I became a fan at a much broader level. We now have a toddler who believes the cartoon Cinderella is "momma" and I am not going to correct him! I am so lucky to be able to enjoy Disney as a couple, a runner, a daughter and a mom. Raising our little boy to be a Disney fan makes everything more magical.


As part of our “A Month of Thanks” celebration, we asked our readers and contributors to share their stories about why they are thankful for Disney. Here is just one of those submitted. If you would like to share why you are thankful for Disney, please see this article or contact Maria (NDM 130)

It’s a wonderful time of year to evaluate the things in your life that you’re thankful for and as it happens, this month my husband and I celebrate our  10th wedding anniversary! There is much to celebrate and reflect upon for me right now!  Over the past couple of weeks, in stolen moments when I was sure I wouldn’t be discovered, I worked feverishly to put together a photo album for our anniversary.  It turned out to be more than 55 pages of photos and that after some very critical editing – it could have been much longer!

Many of the photos that I lovingly put together were from our Disney trips.  It’s no surprise, then, that I’m thankful for so many aspects of the Walt Disney Company and the legacy of Walt Disney.

  • Romance.  My husband and I honeymooned at Walt Disney World, staying at the amazing Animal Kingdom Lodge which still feels like our resort “home” whenever we get to stay there.  I’m thankful that Disney allows us to play together and enjoy being in a magical setting that we both love.

    Disney (255)

    Our second anniversary trip included a return to Party for the Senses and a surrey bike ride at the Boardwalk.

  • Running. My husband and I started running because we wanted to run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in 2008.  Little did we realize that runDisney would inspire a dedication to running that would lead us to collect more than 15 runDisney medals each…with more planned for the coming months!  I’m thankful that Disney inspires us to keep running, something that we pursue together.


    Celebrating the Goofy Challenge with Goofy and friends.

  • Career. Some of my best career memories are actually from events that have been held at the Walt Disney World Resort, with some of the best companies in the country. I’m thankful that my professional interests and my love of Disney have often intersected!
  • Friends and Loved Ones. Our love of Disney is well known in our circle of friends and we’ve had the great pleasure of helping our friends plan their own vacations, sometimes with us tagging along. I’m thankful we’ve been able to share the magic with our loved ones.
  • Family. In January 2011, we welcomed our son into the world and by January of the following year he was on his first trip to Walt Disney World – since we were back to running again!  During that trip and many others, we’ve had the joy of experiencing everything through his eyes.  At home, our lives are filled with touches of Disney including Disney Junior and Disney movie nights, especially Pixar Cars and Planes, which have captured his imagination.  Disney music keeps us company in the car and a beautiful mix of piano music that he listens to at night includes several Disney favorites.  I’m thankful we’re able to share such wonderful adventures and memories with our sweet boy as he grows.


    Watching as our son gets his first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop.

I’m thankful that Disney continues to enrich our lives and compliment the stages of life that we’re in, and I know it will continue to do so for decades to come!

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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate the most special times of your life; letting Disney add the magic.

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