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As part of our “A Month of Thanks” celebration, we asked our readers and contributors to share their stories about why they are thankful for Disney. Here is just one of those submitted. If you would like to share why you are thankful for Disney, please see this article or contact Maria (NDM 130)

Walt Disney World Railroad

Little did I know back in 2006 just how much of an impact the magic of Walt Disney entertainment would have on me. At that time, I had been married with children for a while, and although I was a Disney fan, I had never been to a Disney theme park, much less vacationed to a Disney resort. I had grown up visiting Six Flags over Texas, and to be honest, I did not understand what the appeal of Walt Disney World was. Who would want to spend an entire week at a theme park? As it turns out, me!

That first trip we discovered—as my daughter still says often—that the magic is REAL! Our first experience was breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table. We entered Magic Kingdom Park before opening to dine with Disney princesses. What an introduction! Needless to say, we were bitten by the Disney bug at that very moment. That week of magic we only tasted a sampling of what the World has to offer. We couldn’t possibly take it all in, so we had to return…again…and again…and again…until ultimately, we relocated to the area.

little princess Main Street USA

Why am I thankful for Disney?
It is safe to say that Disney has changed my life. It has introduced me and my family to a World we didn’t know existed, a place where magic is real and real life doesn’t interfere. It has brought us joy that we didn’t know we needed but that we simply cannot live without. It has comforted us from grief and brought healing to our brokenness that no type of therapy could render. It has kept our homeschooling interesting and fun and has allowed us to teach others how to learn while they play too. It has brought us hope.

I am so thankful that a man named Walt Disney did not allow anyone or anything to stifle his dreams. I cannot express adequately in words the admiration I have for the man and the vision he brought to life. Walt Disney World—and really all Disney entities—inspire us daily, and I will always owe the Man and his Mouse a debt of gratitude.

Partners statue with fireworks

Photo used by permission from WDW News

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