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Ashley is a lifelong Disney enthusiast and vacationer. She has been visiting Walt Disney World in Florida since she was young. Even though she has ventured all over the United States and the globe, Disney World is still her favorite place to vacation. The beautiful state of Tennessee is where she lives with her husband, Mike and their two dogs, a.k.a ."fur children" Griffin and Grady. When not working full time in higher education, Ashley loves to spend time cooking, gardening, exercising, reading Disney websites and planning Disney vacations!


As part of our “A Month of Thanks” celebration, we asked our readers and contributors to share their stories about why they are thankful for Disney. Here is just one of those submitted. If you would like to share why you are thankful for Disney, please see this article or contact Maria (NDM 130)

Disney represents a lifetime of happy memories for me. From watching movies as a little girl with my sister, to honeymooning with my husband at Disney World, Disney has been a constant source of happiness and joy.

I am thankful to Walt Disney for being a champion of imagination and doing what many told him was impossible, this serves as inspiration to me every day.

I am thankful for beautiful places like Epcot, that inspired me to learn more about the world and culture.

Most of all, I am thankful for all the memories I have and how those experiences have impacted my life.



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