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Warning: This post does have SPOILERS. 

NDM Jen is a HUGE fan of “Once Upon A Time” & will be here every Monday to recap the episode and share her thoughts.  Be sure to check back every week and share your thoughts with Jen, too!

Ooohhhkay, so as you recall, at the end of episode 8, Ingrid cast the Shattered Sight spell, which is going to make everyone in Storybrooke turn against each other.  So Ingrid is in the woods, in her sparkly gown (as she does) watching the spell spreading from her lair towards town.  Gold appears (as HE does) and says he will do everything he can to destroy her unless she allows him to leave town with Belle and Henry.

The Scooby Gang is holed up in the clock tower watching the spell approach.

Watching the spell approach Storybrooke from the clock tower.  I don't know why this visual was so amusing to me....

Watching the spell approach Storybrooke from the clock tower. I don’t know why this visual was so amusing to me….

Emma suggests they leave town, so they all go out to the town line to investigate ways of getting around the ice wall.

You didn't really need this shot of the gang investigating the ice wall.  But I had to include it to prove my point about HOW RIDICULOUS IT IS THAT NO ONE HAS GIVEN ELSA ANY NORMAL CLOTHES.

You didn’t really need this shot of the gang investigating the ice wall. But I had to include it to prove my point about HOW RIDICULOUS IT IS THAT NO ONE HAS GIVEN ELSA ANY NORMAL CLOTHES.


David tries to climb it, but when he hits it with a hammer he is stunned by its magic.  A huge crack opens up in the ice, though, and reveals Anna’s necklace, which Elsa thinks it’s a sign that everything is going to be okay.  Emma sends the gang out to warn people, and reminds them that they should stay far away from their loved ones when the spell hits.  Elsa thinks she and Emma are immune from the spell, because of the yellow ribbons.

Belle thinks she has found a way to undo the spell once it hits, but it involves casting a counter-spell that requires something personal (like a piece of hair) from someone who has already suffered the curse (apparently the Shattered Sight spell is like mono, you can only get it once).  Elsa realizes that Anna must have been under the spell when she put her in the urn, so if they find her, they can use her to make the counter-spell; now that she has Anna’s necklace, she can use the locator spell to track her down.  Belle will ask the fairies to gather at Granny’s to start working on the spell while Elsa and Emma look for Anna.

In Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff unfreeze.  Anna realizes the urn is gone, but also finds a piece of straw and realizes that Rumpelstiltskin must have been there, and that he must have taken the urn, not Ingrid.  She and Kristoff are about to go find him when Hans and his brothers come in (everyone is unfrozen now, I guess) and claim the throne of Arendelle.  Anna and Kristoff fight them off and escape.

HOOK! Sexy spyglass man.  That’s all.  Oh wait, no, there’s some plot happening.  Hook is on the waterfront, looking for what? His ship?  Didn’t he lose the Jolly Roger to Blackbeard??  He sees ice walls rise out of the ocean and realizes they can’t use a boat to escape, anyway.   Gold appears, because Gold,  and says he he needs Hook to get rid of the fairies, because their power will fill the hat with enough to cleave him from the dagger with his powers intact, so he can get out of town with Belle and Henry.  Hook (who is under Gold’s control because Gold took his heart, remember) is pissed, but has no choice.  Best quote of the night:  “You can clench your jaw and flash your eyes all you wish….” YES PLEASE.  MORE OF THAT.  But…I won’t lie and say I’m not disappointed to see Gold just being a villain again.  I liked him as a multi-layered, conflicted character a whole lot more.

Regina and Henry go to warn Robin Hood and his Merry Men about the impending spell, telling them they need to split up so they don’t kill each other with all their weaponry.  Regina and Rob have a very emotional goodbye, which hit me right in the feels.  My opinion:  this has been the best story line so far this season.

A sad goodbye between Regina and Robin Hood.

A sad goodbye between Regina and Robin Hood.

Emma and Elsa set off with the locator-spell-enchanted-necklace, which leads them to the library, down the elevator, into the mine, and straight to a barrier. Emma thinks the tunnel must have gotten blocked off when the ice walls went up, but she won’t let Elsa use her magic to try to break it down.

In Arendelle, Anna tells Kristoff that she read about a wishing star in her mother’s diary.  She thinks they can wish on it to find Elsa, but apparently Blackbeard has it??  Wha???  So they find Blackbeard, on board the Jolly Roger (I knew I was right about that!)  He says he will give them the wishing star in exchange for his weight in gold.  And then Hans shows up.

Elsa and Emma ask Leroy and the dwarves to clear the tunnel, but before they make plans,  Belle calls David to say fairies can use the mirror dust embedded in the necklace to make the counter spell, but it will destroy the necklace in the process, so they have to choose – save the sister or save the town?

Gold and Hook arrive at Granny’s, and Gold asks Belle to leave with him.  She won’t, so he says he’ll stay, which the Blue Fairy is NOT happy about.

Regina says they have to choose what’s best for the most people, and Snow and David, surprisingly, agree with her, and make Emma tells Elsa the deal.  Elsa hands Emma a bag (presumably containing the necklace – why don’t people ever check these things???) and heads back down into the mines with the necklace concealed in her hand.

The Scooby Gang runs to Granny’s, only to realize Elsa has the necklace. Emma runs back down to the mine in time to see Elsa blast through the barrier to a beach.  The necklace is still glowing, but there is no Anna in sight.

She looks even sillier on the beach in that getup.

She looks even sillier on the beach in that getup.

So, it turns out Blackbeard was working with Hans to trap Anna.  He says he sold the wishing star to her parents, who clearly didn’t realize that wishing stars can only be used by people with pure hearts.  Hans says he is sentencing Anna and Kristoff to death, and plans to dump them overboard at a spot called Poseidon’s Boneyard (which is where their parents’ ship went down).  Blackbeard says they have to get in a trunk because he was made to walk the plank once  and was saved by a mermaid.  And because villains are IDIOTS and always have to have elaborate plans to kill people that never work.  They get in the trunk, and just before dumping them overboard, Hans reveals that they were all frozen for thirty years.

On the beach, the necklace stops glowing.

Kristoff and Anna in the leaky trunk at the bottom of the sea.  Ugh, I hate this kind of scene so much!!  Where the water is creeping higher and higher, and they’re trapped, and one person is fighting but the other has resigned themselves and it’s just UUUUUGGGGHHHH.  I can’t even watch THIS:

and it’s animated!!

Anyway, Emma sees the spell approaching, she tries hard to convince Elsa to give her the necklace so she can get back to town with it,  but Elsa is grieving and doing the endless talking thing she does so well.

Kristoff manages to get loose and unties Anna, but the water level is rising to their faces and Anna is giving up hope.  Elsa is on the beach, still clutching the necklace.  She wishes that Anna was with her.  The necklace begins to glow again.  Ta da!  The necklace is the wishing star!  Anna and Kristoff are almost underwater when they are magically lifted out of the sea and deposited on the beach.  Sisters reunited! Emma says they have to get Anna to the fairies right away.  As they leave, we see a barnacle-covered bottle with a rolled up parchment inside bob to the surface of the water.

At Granny’s, Belle has gotten word that Anna is on her way.  Gold says they shouldn’t trust the fairies, and finally convinces Belle to go with him.  The Blue Fairy is just finishing up the spell when Hook starts vacuuming all the fairies up with the hat. Emma, and company get to Granny’s too late, but think that the devastation there is Ingrid’s fault.  Hook is gutted, knowing that Emma will hate him for what he did.

Gold tells Belle that they have to be apart during the spell, and seals her inside his shop for her protection.  Hook arrives to give him the hat.  He’s so pissed.  Gold tells Hook he plans to kill him tomorrow, after he’s done using him.

Emma, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff arrive at the Sheriff’s Department, where Kristoff and Anna are happy to reunite with a short-haired David.   Mary Margaret and David lock themselves inside jail cells for protection, and tell Emma she has to save them all, since she’s immune to the spell.  Mary Margaret makes Emma take Neal.  Hook shows up, and now it’s his and Emma’s turn for a tearful goodbye.  All the feels.

Regina seals Henry inside the mayor’s office to protect him. Robin arrives for one last smooch.  Regina says she has to seal herself inside her vault to protect everyone else from her, because she knows the spell will make her a villain again.

The episode ends with everyone apart, bracing themselves for the spell.  It starts raining mirror shards all over town, we see the spell hit Mary Margaret and David, and….SCENE.

So, next week?  I hope there’s lots of  spell-related crazy going on, and I HOPE we wrap this whole Snow Queen thing up, once and for all.  I’m ready for a new villain or two! (You have heard about Cruella and Ursula, right??)






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