Disney Movie Nights – they are just traditional. They usually involve pj’s, favorite snacks, blankets & stuffed friends. But, in changing times, there is a new concept of movie night…themed movie nights. I love this concept for so many reasons. It is more than just watching a movie. You can include themed activities, food, & decorations. Our whole family becomes involved. From planning, to decorating, to clean-up, it is a true example of teamwork & a great bonding experience.

Polar ExpressIt’s December so that means it’s time for ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas.  A movie we never miss is “The  Polar Express.” We always watch as a family and love it each every time we watch.


  • Christmas colors of red, green and gold should be front and center for this movie.  If you have a Santa’s sleigh for the centerpiece that would be perfect, but any traditional Christmas centerpiece would be great.
  • Train Ticket – a quick online search yielded me 100’s to choose from. Download a copy for each member of the family and place it at their seat.
  • Bell – Place each family member’s bell from the activities on a ribbon at their seat.
  • Christmas Tree – watch the movie in the dark with the Christmas tree lights on.


  • Jingle Bell – Buy each family member a bell at the craft or discount store.  Have them write their favorite Christmas word on the bell – Believe, Magic, Joy, Christmas, Santa are all good choices. Tie a red ribbon through the top loop to hang them on the tree.
  • Christmas Tree – If you haven’t decorated your tree yet this is the perfect time.  Each family member should hang their bell on the tree.
  • Christmas Cookies – Make a cookie decorating station with sprinkles, icing, colored sugars, ect.  Each person can decorate their own cookies to eat later.
  • Reminisce  – Have each family member tell a story about their favorite Christmas present. Be sure to include how old they were when they received it, why it was a favorite, who gave it to them, do they still have it?
  • Polar Express Tickets – Have everyone put their ticket in an envelope with their name written on it.  Before the party punch a word into each ticket, choose a unique word for each person according to their personality. Exchange the original ticket with the punched one.


  • Christmas is a time of joy and happiness so why not have everyone’s favorite sandwiches.  Ham, grilled cheese, PB&J, ect.
  • Veggies – give everyone a small plastic cup filled with their favorite veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, ect.) and their favorite dipping sauce, like Ranch dressing.
  • Christmas Cookies – Everyone gets to eat the cookies they decorated earlier.
  • Hot Cocoa – A favorite scene is where they all have the best hot chocolate ever aboard the train. Be sure to have some fun add ins available – marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate chips, ect.

After the movie is over have everyone retrieve their tickets and read the word punched into it.

Have a great time with this movie & let us know what you did to make your Adventure special! Have a movie suggestion for us? Leave a comment  Be sure to post any photos on our DDL FB Group !

What do you think?

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