Traditions – they are what make your holidays and events special. Adding Disney to those traditions can make your holidays even more magical. Even if you have a tradition that has been passed down for generations, it’s never too late to add a few new fun ones! This month, we will highlight some of our personal family traditions that show off our Disney side. Want to share yours as well? Read December – Holiday Traditions or email NDM130 for more information today!

During the holiday season my family tries to spend at least one full weekend of nothing but family, fun and time together. We started this a couple years back as a way to get away from things and just enjoy time we have. We make cookies, hit up the light show at the local regional park, we go see the big man in the red suit and we try to celebrate the season while putting our worries aside for a while.

Last year our holiday tradition included one extra person, or rather a rabbit named Oswald. Yes that’s right; we introduced my son to the one of the old time classics. It didn’t take long to realize that he became a huge hit in the household and became part of the holiday tradition. However it was not just for the weekend, but also for the entire month. It turns out Oswald had to go everywhere we did for the month, including to see Frozen, Santa and the various holiday dinners we went to. He was a huge hit with the older crowd, and our son introduced him to the younger ones, ensuring the love of the classic character will continue for generations to come.

I don’t know why my son decided it was a holiday thing, but for some reasons he did. And come this Sunday, Oswald will once again be making an appearance to celebrate all the holidays with us.
While I loved seeing my son enjoy the classic rabbit so much, I was thrilled to see him carry on and take an interest in the classic characters. Granted Sully, Olaf and Baymax may reign in some households, but in our household, these characters come and go in phases. These classic characters seem to stand the test of time and never go out of style.

This year’s adventures have yet to be seen, but you better believe Oswald and my son are looking forward to enjoying the season.

Happy Holidays from my house (and Oswald) to yours!

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