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Born in France (and still living there) I discovered WDW in the mid 1970's when I was 10 during a trip to Florida with my parents. Since then, I am a Disney fan, but also a WDW fan with EPCOT as the prefered park. The Contemporary is my "mythic" hotel even if I never stayed there: it´s because of its futurist look. By the way, I also encountered space exploration during the same trip by visiting KSC. And I am today working as the chief editor of a space news website for a scientific park in France. Guess you can see the importance of this Florida trip and the others after...


Traditions – they are what make your holidays and events special. Adding Disney to those traditions can make your holidays even more magical. Even if you have a tradition that has been passed down for generations, it’s never too late to add a few new fun ones! This month, we will highlight some of our personal family traditions that show off our Disney side. Want to share yours as well? Read December – Holiday Traditions or email NDM130 for more information today! 

Disney is always somewhere around Christmas.

Animal Kingdom

Details in the Christmas tree of Animal Kingdom in 2006.

Although my wife, our kids and I are fans of Disney, we are not decorating our house with a lot of Disney related items for Christmas. One reason is, of course, the fact that in France it’s not so easy to buy such stuff. However, that does not mean that Disney is absent from Christmas for us.

Disneyland Paris christmas 2000

Luminous arches in Main Street for Christmas in 2000 at Disneyland Paris.

When we went for the very first time in a Disney park with our firstborn (that was our daughter in 2000 and she was 2 and half) the destination was Disneyland Paris at the end of November. And the Christmas makeover was already everywhere in the park! What a souvenir!

Disneyland Paris 2000 Christmas

A shop in the Disneyland Paris castle with Christmas settings in 2000.

In 2006, we crossed the Atlantic with both our kids (the second, our son, arrived in 2001) at the beginning of December to attend a launch of the space shuttle Discovery (STS-116 flight). Walt Disney World was already in full Christmas mode! And that was fantastic, even if the big shows (especially the full Christmas firework) were not programmed during our stay (we came back to France mid-December).

Florida 2006 Walt Disney World Main Street Christmas

Main Street in “Christmas mode” in December 2006: our first trip to Walt Disney World with our kids.

With these two stays, we know that Christmas-themed Disney parks are quite awesome. However, as our kids are now grown up (13 and 16), school can no longer be missed and we have to go during holidays, so prices are higher especially for the transatlantic flights for Walt Disney World…

Main Street Inspired

Our “Main Street” for Christmas. Although these Lemax houses and accessories are not intended to be Disney related, we were inspired by the Magic Kingdom during Christmas.

But, even without Disney Christmas items, we managed to put a little Disney during this time of the year. First, we are building a small village with Lemax brand houses and accessories. They are not Disney related, but Main Street was our inspiration when we started to buy these. A small train making a circuit around some houses is a nod to the Magic Kingdom.

frozen tree

We didn’t find any Frozen themed Christmas decorations around us in France. But we did a Frozen Christmas Tree by using blue and white.

This year, our Christmas tree is white and blue. I bet you guessed why: yes, blame it on Frozen!

Also, Christmas is quite important for me. That’s when I put Disney related books on my wish list… 😉


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  1. Beautiful Main Street display. I agree on the allowing Disney to inspire my Christmas decorating but not to dominate it..

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