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Warning: This post does have SPOILERS. 

NDM Jen is a HUGE fan of “Once Upon A Time” & will be here every week to recap the episode and share her thoughts.  Be sure to check back every week and share your thoughts with Jen, too!

Here we are!  The mid-season finale!

The whole gang has trooped out to the ice wall to watch Elsa break it down.  Emma’s Spidey-sense tells her that Ingrid’s curse is still there, and sure enough, when she reaches her hand across the town line it becomes clear that they are still stuck Under the Dome. Same rules apply – if you leave town,  you can’t come back.  PS – Anna thought she could walk home to Arendelle? How can she be that dopey?  Anyway, the Frozen kids need to find a portal so they can get back and rescue Arendelle from Hans.

Gold, using Hook’s heart to control him, finds out about the curse still being in effect.  He reveals that he has a past with Anna and Hook realizes that Anna knows what Gold is up to with the Sorcerer’s Hat.  Gold orders Hook to make sure Anna doesn’t come around and mess up his plan.  Gold is going to wake up Belle to give her “the life she always wanted.” Flashback to Belle working at Rumple’s house, checking out all his magical objects.  She asks him to tell her about the world.  He shows her a gauntlet that he stole from Camelot, that he says will help him discover anyone’s greatest weakness, making it easier to manipulate them.  He says for almost everyone, their greatest weakness is the thing they love most. In present day, Gold wakes Belle and tells her he’s taking her on a honeymoon to NYC, because it’s time for her to see the world.

Regina restores Marian’s heart, and she wakes up, a picture of health again.  Cue the agonizing, awkward longing gazes between Robin and Regina. Some time later, Marian meets up with Regina at Granny’s, and tells her that if Robin chooses Regina, she won’t stand in the way.

Saving Marian.  I *guess* that was the right thing to do....

Saving Marian. I *guess* that was the right thing to do….

The silly walking broom from Fantasia is back, and it leads Hook and Gold back to the abandoned mansion in the woods (Gold says it’s the Soreceror’s house) and reveals the portal.  I really don’t understand why Gold didn’t already know that’s where it was?  Seems like the only logical place, given the events o the season.  Anyway, Gold orders Hook to go tell Emma where the portal is.

Well....just a good picture that I wanted to share with you.  Which one do you love more? Tough call...

Well….just a good picture that I wanted to share with you. Which one do you love more? Tough call…

Belle is packing for her trip when Henry comes into the shop.  He helps her find another suitcase, and knocks the gauntlet off a high shelf.  Belle reacts oddly.  Flashback to Belle hanging out Rumple’s laundry, when she is distracted by a Dalmatian puppy.  She follows it, and is captured.

Gold uses Hook’s heart to send Hook to Granny’s to tell Emma about the portal.  Gold (via Hook) tells Emma that Gold has turned over a new leaf.  Emma is very suspicious, and thinks Hook is acting strange.

In the Enchanted Forest, Rumple goes looking for Belle, and a crow drops a sand dollar from the sky.  The sand dollar has a hologram of Belle, begging him to bring the gauntlet or she’ll be killed. Rumple realizes the crow is from Maleficent.

Robin and Regina are talking in the park, while Marian and Roland play nearby.  Robin tells Regina he chooses her, but then Marian collapses.  Apparently the ice curse is still in effect. Regina says that the only way for Marian to be cured is to leave town, and Robin has to go with her.  They go to the town line.  Regina is sitting in her car preparing to say goodbye.  Gold gets in her car, and tells Regina that he and Belle are leaving.  He asks why Henry was snooping around his shop, and Regina admits he was trying to find out the author of the book, so that she could convince him to write her a happy ending. Gold tells her that she has to go out and take her happy ending.  He says, “Being good doesn’t mean good things will happen……I’ve been a villain a thousand times over, and yet, I’m about to get everything I desire.”  Regina, however, says goodbye to Robin and he leaves, albeit reluctantly.  All the feels.

Robin Hood leaves Storybrooke.  Sigh.

Robin Hood leaves Storybrooke. Sigh.

Rumple goes to give the gauntlet in exchange for Belle.  He attacks Maleficent, but Ursula comes out of a cave and grabs Belle.  Ugh, I really hate her costume. It looks like a bad cosplay.  Then Cruella comes out.  “Cruella!  I thought I caught a whiff of desperation and gin!”  All 4 baddies clearly have a shared history.  Okay, let me just pause here and say Cruella really isn’t working for me, which is actually pretty shocking because Cruella is my all-time favorite Disney Villain.  But here’s the thing.  She’s not from a fairy tale, there is no magic AT ALL in her story, it doesn’t make sense that she’s in the Enchanted Forest.  She looks out of place and really odd.   I guess at some point we’ll get some sort of explanation for how she happened to be removed from 1950s/60s London to end up in the EF, but for now, it’s weird.  Anyway, back to the villainous standoff.  Rumple finally gives up the gauntlet, which the ladies say they want because they are tired of always losing.  Belle is amazed that Rumple saved her, but he denies caring for her.

The new baddies of Once Upon a Time.

The new baddies of Once Upon a Time.

Gold and Hook in the clock tower, Gold says when the stars align with the stars in the hat, he’ll be free of the dagger, and then he’ll crush Hook’s heart.

The Scooby gang arrives at the mansion and Emma opens the portal.  GO, already.

Goin' back to Arendelle...

Goin’ back to Arendelle…

Elsa and Kristoff go through, Anna turns back and says she wishes she could have thanked Mr. Gold for all his help.  She asks who he was in the other world, and is shocked when David tells her he was Rumplestiltskin.  Presumably she tells them what Gold is doing with the Sorcerer’s Hat, so the gang is able to run to the clock tower just as the stars are aligning.  Emma and Snow try to stop Gold, and he freezes them.  He starts to crush Hook’s heart, but can’t…because Belle has taken the dagger and commands him not to.  She makes him give Hook his heart and release Emma and Snow.  She tells him to take them to the town line, because they need to be alone for what comes next.  Belle is heartbroken but resolute as she realizes that Gold has never loved her as much as he loves his power, because the gauntlet led her to his dagger.  Despite his protestations and pleas for forgiveness, she forces him across the town line.  Oh, Gold.  Gotta love him.  He’s the Dark One, and yet I was still rooting for him, and pissed off at Belle for being so cruel.  “Belle, please,  I’m afraid.”

Elsa and Anna are safely back in Arendelle, and it’s Anna’s wedding day, and we have time for ONE LAST Frozen movie moment:  “What’s that amazing smell? Chocolate!”  And NOW, Elsa finally changes her clothes.  I give up.

Emma puts Hook’s heart back where it belong, and there’s lots of kissies.  Then Emma joins Regina at Granny’s to help her drown her sorrows.  Henry runs in and tells them to follow him back to the mansion, where he discovered a library full of empty storybooks.  Emma promises to help Regina find her happy ending.

Gold is down, but not out.  He’s stalking through the city, while we see a flashback to Rumple telling the three villains that they can never defeat him, and taking the gauntlet back.  The ladies tell him that villains never win, but he says he ALWAYS wins, and he doesn’t need their help.  In present day,though,  he goes to an aquarium where he finds Ursula working as a maintenance person, and tells her that he realizes that the rules do apply to him, too, but he’s found someone who can change the rules – the author.

So, what do you think?  Are you happy to see the end of the girls from Arendelle?  Are you excited about the new villains? When will Gold make his triumphant return to Storybrooke?  Will Regina ever be reunited with Robin Hood?  Will Hook play a bigger role in the second half of the season?

Thanks for watching along with me all Fall!  I’ll be back in March!





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