The first 3 boxes are Chamikis and the last box is the start of my Pandora

The first 3 boxes are Chamilias and the last box is the start of my Pandora

A few years ago, I started collecting the Disney Chamilia beads. They were mostly silver and fit in well with the rage of these new style charm bracelets. Then the company came out with a Minnie Mouse bow set with a necklace and earrings.

I was pretty happy with my collection. I didn’t have them all, but I had a good amount. I wore the bracelets a lot and the charms started to feel heavy and get a little banged up. Like I said, I wore these a lot. Now I was wearing them occasionally and unless I bought another bracelet I was pretty much out of room.

Fast forward to earlier in 2014 when Disney announced Pandora will be taking over the design and production of these charms. I will admit I was curious how different the designs would be and started following the news for this closely. The side effect of this announcement was now my charms are considered hard to find and much sought after and have started showing up on the secondary market selling for insane prices. This made my curiosity spike up a bit more. Now I am thinking do I sell my current collection to support the new habit or do I mix the 2 brands and make it work?

So far I have decided I need to give up my completest personality and not get charms that look almost identical to ones I already have and only get charms I truly love. I have one charm as of right now and got a really nice inexpensive chain from Pandora to wear it on. I have not started down building the bracelet again yet. I have seen some posting of receipts totaling over $1200 to get what has been released so far. This is one of the main reasons that I am accepting all the charms will not be mine.  Plus, I like my Chamilia charms, so I am thinking I will mix my favorites from both brands for a new fun bracelet. I never really thought about placement before, but the more I follow posts in my Facebook group on the subject, the more I realize I need to step up my game and build a cool looking bracelet.

What do you think? Do you have a Chamilia set and will now start down the Pandora road?



2 thoughts on “The New Disney Jewelry Obsession Chamilia vs. Pandora

  1. I was tempted to walk into the Pandora store while shopping at the mall on Saturday. I knew if I saw that Disney charm collection I would have to start down a road I’m not sure I want to take. However, once someone knows you collect the Disney charms from Pandora it does make it quite easy on that person to give you a gift when the occassion calls for one.

What do you think?

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