New Year's Eve is one of the biggest fireworks evenings of the year at Walt Disney World Resort, a place where fireworks are both spectacular and an every-night occurrence. Fireworks and nighttime shows will light up the skies and create a mood of celebration on Dec. 31, while revelry of other sorts takes place elsewhere throughout the Vacation Kingdom.

photo courtesy of WDW News

With the New Year upon us it is time to make those New Years resolutions, to get financially fit, to work out more. To be with the family more. Be happier, be healthier. Most of which sound like the same thing every year. But I also try to include ones that may be a lot more fun than just the average standard resolution. Ones that are specifically Disney oriented.

  1. Stay at the Grand Floridian Villas: We were lucky enough to score two nights in July through our DVC points. It may be only two nights, but knowing how hard it is to get in, and since we don’t own there, we will gladly take what we can get.
  2. Introduce my son to the Disney Classics: This past summer, I caught him watching Disney’s Robin Hood. It dawned on me that while Disney movies are a daily occurrence in our household, the classics are not. This needs to change. With 101 Dalmatians being brought out of the vault, surely this will only help aide in the quest.
  3. Take my son on his first Space Mountain experience: One of my favorite things about Walt Disney World vacations is enjoying a person’s first experience on a ride that’s one of my favorites. I have been patiently waiting for the day I get to experience my sons’ first shot the classic coaster. Granted this depends solely on his height. Last year, he shot up enough to experience Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. With any luck this year he will be tall enough to blast off into space with his mom.
  4. Take an adult only trip once again: For Christmas, my husband got me a long weekend away. Call it an IOU of some sorts. I had surprised him last year with one, and this year it is his turn to do so. While we love enjoying the parks through little man’s eyes, sometimes we tend to forget that we started off as just the two of us and sometimes it’s nice to be reminded. I look forward to this just as much as I am looking forward to that Space Mountain experience.
  5. Do one thing on Disney Property that we have yet to experience: Whether it be a tour (none of which we have yet to do), a recreational activity, an attraction or a restaurant, I strive every trip to do something different. Not only do we enjoy different things, but also it makes each trip unique and fresh and always keeps us coming back for more.

So here’s to a fabulous 2015 fellow Disney fans! May it be filled with new experiences, new adventures and a whole lot of fun. I don’t know about you, but I am fully willing to admit these are the kind of resolutions I am more than willing to keep!

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