My world seems to be made up of people who “get it” or who don’t “get it”. Growing up, I had a love of all things Disney related, and I was fortunate enough to visit Walt Disney World for the first time in 1978 when I was eight. My family and I had a great time and I was hooked. I was able to go to WDW three more times as I grew up; each time staying off property but visiting WDW as much as we could afford.

Throughout the years that followed, I viewed the people I met in one of the 2 categories. Disney people (like me) or non-Disney people. Most people I knew were of the Non-Disney type, but occasionally someone would come into my life and I knew we were Disney friends. My Aunt was one person who “got it” just like me and our extended family gatherings were filled with our talking Disney throughout. None of my classmates “got it,” but I still endeavored to infuse Disney into as many school projects as I could. (My portrayal of Mickey Mouse for my Grade 10 English assignment particularly stands out in my memory.)

Then I met my husband. He is a hard core SPORTS FAN (I capitalize the letters on purpose). When we met, he was the Sports Director at the local radio station and he was on the air daily, talking both local and national sports. Today, he is the announcer at our local arena for the home University Hockey Games and works for the OHL (Ontario Hockey League) for our home games, too. I tell you all this to understand how much sports is a part of his life. (Sports has a very limited place in my life—but hey, that is love!) He definitely does NOT get Disney….or does he?

When we were dating (back in 1992) we decided to travel to Florida together. I wanted to share with him memories of my visits and the many places that held a special place in my life. Of course, the main place I wanted to show him was Walt Disney World. He isn’t a big “ride” person, so he was reluctant to go to an “amusement park.” We agreed that we would give one day of our vacation “to see the mouse.”  We spent the vacation doing other Orlando/Kissimmee things, and saved our trip to WDW for the last day. (I wanted to end our trip with a bang!)
010 We entered the Magic Kingdom early, and as we walked onto Main Street, USA, the band began to play and my then-boyfriend was memorized. We spent the day riding attractions and seeing shows, and when we were driving back to our hotel at the end of the day he asked me “Why didn’t you tell me it was like that?  We could have gone there more days!”
006 When we got married, I was hoping for an island Honeymoon, but it was he that asked if we could go back to Florida and to Disney. Of course I said “yes”, and we were able to enjoy our Disneymoon after our wedding in 1993. He definitely enjoyed going to Florida and visiting Walt Disney World, but he still didn’t “get it” the way I did. To him, Disney was a destination to be visited periodically—not a way of life. I was still the only one in our marriage living a Disney Driven Life. I wondered if our future children would change this, or would I continue as the only one addicted to Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars in our family?

Do you have a reluctant Disney spouse? Look for Part 2 of my journey to convert my Hubby into the Disney Driven way of life soon to be posted!

3 thoughts on “Converting My Hubby Toward a Disney Driven Life

  1. great post. yes, I know the feeling of having family that are either in one camp (take or leave it) or Camp Mickey (all in – where’s my refillable mug?) Wish I could spend every vacation there but alas luckily I can dream and read The Disney Driven Life.

  2. Mary Beth, I love that top photo of you! I think I have one from a similar time, with similar big hair, LOL. 🙂 It’s funny my first ever visit to WDW was an adult, iwth my boyfirned, now hubby and although he enjoyed it as well, he wasn’t hooked like me. That contines to this day, but at least my kiddos are turing out to be Disney Nerds too, LOL 🙂

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