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I fell in love with the magic of Disney when I was little girl growing up in Mass, on my first trip to WDW when I saw Chip stroke a little girl's face at a character breakfast at the Polynesian. I was hooked. Every other year we went as a family and in college I applied for the College Program and was hired at Typhoon Lagoon. At the end I auditioned for the entertainment/character dept. and the next summer I went back and worked VERY closely with Mickey 🙂 And characters 5'2 and under for that matter! 🙂 Years later my husband and I were married in a small wedding at the Poly and honeymooned at WDW. We now have 2 princesses of our own and TV news has brought us to California so we visit Disneyland at least twice a year, sometimes four times. I love to help people plan their trips, find myself saying "Have a Disney Day" and taking pictures to help people capture family memories. I delight in sprinkling Disney magic at home, work or play. Speciality: Character magic and helping overcome "PDVD" (Post Disney Vacation Depression, you know how you feel sick when it is time to leave) by sprinkling in Disney into everyday-chocolates on the pillow, postcards when you get home, picture books, news articles about what's new, calendars to countdown etc



As a true Disney Neurotic Mom, I proudly own my love of all things Disney and embrace my inner mouse and Disney Side. My love of Disney magic spills into work. Co-workers are well-aware of my Disneyland and Walt Disney World passion, lucky for me I am at an ABC station too 🙂

Recently my morning news job start time was moved up even earlier, to a 4:30 am show, which means the wake-up is now 2:30 am!! To ease the dread and shock, my Disney coffee mugs await as I stumble to the coffee pot. My sweet husband sets it up for me every day before he goes to bed. He works the late shift at the station.

The mug collection has grown over the years and our daughters love to use them for hot cocoa or cider. My favorite is the Walt Disney mug with Mickey. It reminds me of the Partners statue and still makes me teary.  On our trips to Disneyland, these days we try and pick up a new mug or also a travel cup. The Halloween Time mug is a favorite to take to school. I have to say, I also love getting mochas with whip cream at Disneyland, Disneyland Hotel and at Disney’s California Adventure, and I am not ashamed to say I am happy to get a Starbucks!

The warm coffee reminds me of being in the College Program, walking through Magic Kingdom on my way to work, taking it all in, breathing the aroma, usually with a muffin. As an adult, I still love that. Mornings are “me time” and a time to turn my thoughts to happy things before the onslaught of the day.

At 2:30 am, it is more of a challenge! And I need more coffee. Disney coffee mugs help and so does starting the day with prayer, plus a smile because my husband made me coffee and which mug will he set out.

Although, it may taste even better when I don’t gulp it for survival during the week, like when I savor it more a bit later on the weekends 🙂

One other interesting note about Disney mugs – I posted them on Facebook and asked which one was the favorite. Most people picked Mary Poppins! How about you? Guess we can all use a spoonful of sugar to ramp up for the day!!!

Happy New Year! Wishing you great things and great coffee!

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