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Tamela loves living her Disneyside in the parks and Everywhere! Since, at age of 4 Tamela has loved the joy and memories that Disney has added to her life. After being diagnosed with Lupus in her early 30’s, she has cherished everyday and there is no better way then living life showing her Disneyside! Tamela enjoys planning vacations, photography, parties, and just going about her daily activities but one thing is for sure, she will always be Showing her Disneyside! Tamela’s husband (Dale) and sons (Daelan and Landen) enjoy sharing the love of Disney with her!


My DisneySide - NDM TamelaHi! I’m Tamela Hansen (NDM 543) and yes, I am a Disney Addict! I am one of those people who find hidden Mickeys everywhere, who may burst into a Disney song in the middle of the grocery store (as my kids say “Mom!”), or find anyone I can to help plan their next Walt Disney World or Disney Cruise Line vacation. I always find some way to bring the joy and happiness that a Disney vacation has brought me and my family in everyday life! I call this “Living my #DisneySide!”

Your #DisneySide is that special thing that happens during every Disney vacation. It is when you embrace the joy of the parks, maybe through a parade, ride, character or dining experience. It is that special moment when you let that part of you out that you may have never even seen before! Your #DisneySide is the excitement, joy, happiness, and even a special moment, that can change you forever. Once you let that #DisneySide out, you can’t put it back and it is extremely contagious!

My DisneySide - NDM TamelaJust to share with you how contagious it is, I have a special story to tell you. My friend invited my family to a party and told me that it was a princess party for her daughter. Of course, the #DisneySide in me had fun dressing up a bit and giving my makeup a princess flare! Upon arrival, I opened the door to “Surprise!”  What? Why? Who? These thoughts were racing through my mind! I was stumped, until I looked on the wall and saw my name on a banner!  I continued to ask “What” and “Why” as I began to tear up! My friends said, “You are always so positive and bring so much joy to our lives by sharing your #DisneySide with us that we want to share and show our #DisneySide with a party in your honor!” Of course, now the faucet was turned on and the tears began to stream! This was a celebration for me. Really! We took pictures, had a ton of amazing food, played games, sang Disney karaoke, and roasted marshmallows! The party was just beautiful, with streamers and balloons from floor to ceiling (even light up balloons), fresh flowers, and personalized banners with my name on it!  Somewhere around halfway through the party, I realized something amazing. Your #DisneySide is special and a gift you have to share with everyone. People are always looking for a reason to have a blast, and our #DisneySide is just what can bring that out!

My DisneySide - NDM Tamela  My DisneySide - NDM Tamela  My DisneySide - NDM Tamela

Your #DisneySide is that part of you that comes out on a Disney vacation. That part that you bring home with you through stories, pictures, and gifts! That part that encourages people to plan a Disney vacation for their family!  It is also the thing that can bring people together for absolutely no reason rather than to show their #DisneySide and have fun! So, next time you feel it’s bubbling up inside you, “Let it Go,” because when you do, you open up “A Whole New World,” a new fantastic point of view, a thrilling place, a wondrous place for you and me”!  (told you I tend to break out in song) #DisneySide!

My DisneySide - NDM Tamela

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