photo credit: Marc Lorenzo

photo credit: Marc Lorenzo

Do you know someone who goes through Walt Disney World withdrawals? If you are a frequent visitor to the most magical place on Earth than you probably know what I am talking about. We are the ones that get cranky if we haven’t gone in awhile. We start rambling on and on about various rides, attractions and swear that smell reminds us of a certain bakery on Main Street U.S.A.

Does this sound familiar?
Yes both my husband and I suffer from it, but it hasn’t been until recently that my son goes through it as well. In fact, if I have it bad, I am pretty sure he has it worse. So how do you know if you if your child suffers from Disney World withdrawals?

1. They yell “We need ketchup” out the window to the worker at your local drive-thru.
2. They request to drink out of either the resort Rapid Refill mugs or the cups the restaurants give them during dinner. Bonus if you still have the light up Buzz/Tink they give with it.
3. The local bus starts looking exactly like the Magical Express bus.
4. He starts doing the two finger point whenever they start talking.
5. During playtime they ask if you want to use snack credits for your plastic food purchases.
6. The Garden Grill, Chef Mickey’s or ‘Ohana are common request for dinner.
7. They start a conversation with anyone regarding Disney World anywhere at any time.
8. Their teacher asks who Mickey, Luke and Belle are.
9. Even your neighbors know exactly how many days you have until you return.
10. After coming through the doors, the first thing they say is “Welcome Home.”

So do any of these sound familiar? And if so what is your best way to cure those Walt Disney World withdrawals until you once again return?

One thought on “Does you child suffer from Walt Disney World Withdrawals?

  1. We totally have this! The only way we can bandage our withdrawal is watching the current WDW vacation video, watching a family video of our last WDW vacation, or looking at old photos! To cute!

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