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18 bottles nail polishWay back in the day, well, maybe not so far back in the day, make-up especially made for young girls became popular. These products had cute and adorable names, fun pictures, and sometimes, even yummy smells. They also had absolutely no staying power and faded almost as quickly as you put it on. But, little girls adored these products. Actually, they still do.

As a parent, I generally shied away from these kinds of products unless it was lip gloss. Peel-able nail polish was great in thought, but as soon as it dried, it peeled, and all you were left with was a sad little girl. As my older girls were growing up, we just used regular nail polish, as they were always sad when the nail polish would peel almost immediately after application.

Flash forward to today. Having the experience that I did with peel-able nail polishes, I just stayed away from them with NDK. As you know, we were given the chance to host a Disney Side @ Home Celebration, and were sent a big box of fun, Disney goodies. Inside that box of goodies was every NDK Princess dream come true – 18 bottles of shimmery, glittery, princess inspired nail polish – the peel-able kind.  Of course, she squealed with the delight of knowing she now owned 18 bottles of nail polish that were all her own and she did not have to share these with her older sisters.

nail polish review 2

I told you, pink shimmery fairy wings and a sparkly princess dress!

The day for her first on-her-own manicure was here. Prepared for this right of passage, she donned her best princess dress, fairy wings and dress-up shoes. She selected her colors, because at NDK’s age, it’s about ALL the colors – you just can’t pick one! As she carefully painted and polished her ten little fingers, I sat nearby, taking pictures of course, but gently tried to embrace the inevitable. I carefully explained how this nail polish was peel-able, and chances are, it might start to peel off as she went about the rest of the day. She said she understood, but honestly, she was SO engrossed in her self-manicure, I am not sure she fully did. She waited patiently for it to dry. I am not sure if it was because her nails are so tiny, or because of the actual polish itself, dry time was quick. She was back off to her Fairy Princess realm in no time.

As dinnertime approached, I dreaded the thought of reminding her to wash up for dinner. I braced myself for the possibility of a landslide of tears.

Now remember, your nail polish may wash off. It’s okay if it does, that just means you get to paint your nails tomorrow.”

nail polish review 1

Didn’t she do a great job? And of course, she chose Princess Aurora.


She shut her eyes tight, not wanting to see the color disappear from her little princess fingertips. To my surprise, and NDK’s, the nail polish stayed! Color me impressed. We made it through dinner and approached bedtime routine cautiously. Would her nails survive the shower? Once again, her manicure lasted. As a matter of fact, it lasted all the way until bedtime the next day, where she peeled it off herself, because, well, it IS peel-able, and she wanted to see it for herself.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product. The staying power of her manicure was longer than I expected and I like that NDK does not have to use harsh nail polish remover. The nail polish itself isn’t harsh, either. There are no strong odors to worry about, which is nice.

So what does NDK have to say about this?

nail polish review 3The box was really pretty. I was excited to see the shimmery, sparkly package. The box was so pretty. The bottles are so cute and little. Some of them have princesses on them, and some have designs on the bottle that are related to the princess. I like all of the colors. I am happy that there were five bottles of different pink nail polishes. That’s my favorite color! I liked being able to paint my own nails. That made me feel special. I was glad that my nail polish did not peel off when I washed my hands or took a shower. It was so much fun to peel it off! I liked it because that just means I get to paint my nails again! I like how it peeled off like a sticker. It was fun. I really like painting my nails now.


Disclaimer: I did receive this product for free, but the opinions expressed are my own. Many thanks to the team at Disney and BSM Media for including this product in our kit!


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