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Jen wears polka dot dresses with crinolines, and rocks a faux-hawk and the ukulele. When she’s not completely immersed in working on one theatrical production or another, she’s busy homeschooling her kids, making costumes and throwing elaborately themed parties. Jen lives in a small town on the coast of North Carolina, with her amazingly supportive husband, Adrian, and their two boys, Max and Milo. She shares some of their adventures on her blog, Sartor.


once upon a time title frameIt’s back!! It’s back!! I’m doing a happy dance because Once Upon a Time is BACK!

But wait, WHAT??  Emma is going to the DARK SIDE???  This must be seen to be believed.

I am so excited to see my top two favorite Disney Villains of all time making their way to the Once-iverse.  I mean, yes, we kinda had Ursula before (but it was really Regina) (and her costume was much better than this one), and I really don’t know HOW they will shoe-horn Cruella into this world, AT ALL, since 101 Dalmatians is not exactly a fairy tale, and certainly doesn’t fit into the Enchanted Forest.  Presumably they will have some explanation for how Cruella managed to cross paths with the fairy tale folk, and hopefully it won’t be lame.

I can’t decide if I’m rooting for a Rumplestiltskin/Belle reconciliation, either.  I don’t really love Belle, but I LOVE Gold.  I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes.

It’s no secret that I was not a fan of the Frozen story line from the first half of this season.  I have high hopes that OUAT will get back on track and be the show I fell in love with again!  Who’s with me?

Once Upon A Time returns at 8pm, Sunday, March 2, 2015 on ABC.  Be sure to check back here the next day to tell me what you thought!

What do you think?

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