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Tamela loves living her Disneyside in the parks and Everywhere! Since, at age of 4 Tamela has loved the joy and memories that Disney has added to her life. After being diagnosed with Lupus in her early 30’s, she has cherished everyday and there is no better way then living life showing her Disneyside! Tamela enjoys planning vacations, photography, parties, and just going about her daily activities but one thing is for sure, she will always be Showing her Disneyside! Tamela’s husband (Dale) and sons (Daelan and Landen) enjoy sharing the love of Disney with her!


Disney Side party - TamelaOur box arrived last month and the party plans began!  I love Showing my #disneyside but sometimes it can be hard to help your guests relax from their crazy work week.  I have found that the easiest way to get them involved before the party is make them aware of it.  You have to become that party that your guests are looking forward to at the end of the work week.  That is exactly what I did!  I had a DIY #disneyside party!

Disney Side party - TamelaEveryone received a pair of DIY Black Mickey ears with their invitation.  They had to decorate the ears anyway they wanted and match a shirt to them.  The more that everyone worked on their ears, the more excited they became.

Now on to the food!  Everyone was to bring a Mickey inspired dish.  Every Pinterest lover enjoys this challenge!   I’m not a cook, but I enjoy a Pinterest challenge as much as the next person!

The day of the party finally arrived and as each person arrived, it was amazing!   We loved seeing each others creations!  I made some fun frames to add a little extra #disneyside to the pictures!   The food was amazing and since my husband decorated most of our Mickey cake, we found out that he may be able to retire as a cake decorator! Lol!

Disney Side party - Tamela Disney Side party - Tamela

The games were a blast!  Even the adults loved to put the smile on Mickey, and Jack Sparrow! (See pics)  We sang a few Disney karaoke favorites and enjoyed our Dole Whip and a Special Dole Whip for the adults!

Disney Side party - Tamela Disney Side party - Tamela

Everyone was able to put the stress from the work week behind them and show their #disneyside!   We received products to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration and thanks to Disney Parks,  Leanne Jakubowski O’Reagan,  Jamie Langdon,  and their team for this privilege!  All opinions are my own.

Disney Side party - Tamela Disney Side party - Tamela

We all look forward to next year’s #disneyside party!   Everyone has decided what they want to be next year, but until then, we will Show our #disneyside everyday in some way!

Disney Side party - Tamela  Disney Side party - Tamela

#Disneyside=A Happy Life!

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