Disney Movie Nights – they are just traditional. They usually involve pj’s, favorite snacks, blankets & stuffed friends. But, in changing times, there is a new concept of movie night…themed movie nights. I love this concept for so many reasons. It is more than just watching a movie. You can include themed activities, food, & decorations. Our whole family becomes involved. From planning, to decorating, to clean-up, it is a true example of teamwork & a great bonding experience.

big hero 6

Funny – Check. Superhero – Check. Action Packed – Check. Heartwarming – Check. Do you really need another reason to make Big Hero 6 your next movie for a fun filled family night?


  • Balloons – The bigger the better and white with Baymax Eyes of course. You can make the Baymax eyes using a marker, a round punch and adhesive vinyl. Don’t have adhesive vinyl? Construction paper and glue will work just fine. Don’t forget the distinctive line connecting the eyes!
  • Tablescape – White table cloth with black plates. Add Baymax eyes to clear glasses filled with milk for an extra fun addition to the table!


  • Build-a-Robot – Using building blocks have everyone build their own robot. After construction is finished have everyone tell the rest of the family what their robot can do – from feed the hungry to clean up their room let their imagination soar.
  • Baymax Marshmallows – Have everyone create their own Baymax out of marshmallows. Encourage them to change the eyes and expression to be unique to their Baymax. Use mini, regular and extra large marshmallows. They make great snacks while watching the movie too.
  • Superhero Team – Hide a toy that’s a family favorite. Put it in a place that the kids will have to work together to rescue (on a high shelf in the kitchen possibly).  Have them work together to retrieve the toy and learn a lesson in teamwork. Their reward can be a favorite dessert to snack on while watching the movie.


  • Sourdough Bread Sandwiches – Make a deli style sandwich using sourdough bread as a nod to San Francisco (San Fransokyo).  You can let the family make their own to make Mom’s load a little lighter.
  • Stir Fry Veggies – Here’s a nod to Tokyo. If you have picky eaters remove some of the veggies before adding your sauce, or you can serve the sauce on the side.
  • Mallowmars – or whatever type of marshmallow cookies you can find at the local grocery store.  You could also allow the kids to eat the DIY Baymax from the activities.

Have a great time with this movie & let us know what you did to make your Adventure special! Have a movie suggestion for us? Leave a comment  Be sure to post any photos on our DDL FB Group & link up below if you have a blog post about this.

What do you think?

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