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I have visited the Disney Parks, (Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts) over twenty-five times, visited Aulani, and sailed nine times with Disney Cruise Line on all four ships in the fleet. Having a special needs family member places another dimension of planning for and visiting the Disney Parks and sailing with Disney, and I have to say that it is these vacations that have allowed us to see the greatest developmental improvements in our now teen aged son.


Disney Cruise Line revolves around families. Yes, there is something for everyone on each of the four ships but Disney is tops in the entertainment category, especially in the department of children.

Youth Clubs- General Information

Almost an entire deck, on all four ships is dedicated to the Youth Clubs, which are staffed by highly trained counselors who are energetic, approachable, friendly and accommodating. Their level of enthusiasm and perception is impressive.

The highly skilled counselors are present with a ratio of 1:6 for children of toddler ages; 1:15 for children aged 3-4 and 1:25 for children aged 5-12.

Security is important and great measures are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of all children. Disney Cruise Line now uses the Oceaneer Bands in both the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club.

Disney Cruise Line’s secured Youth Activities program involves children being issued an Oceaneer Band which is worn either around the wrist or the ankle. Oceaneer Bands are then scanned to check children both into and out of the highly secured Youth Club spaces. Youth Club counselors are also able to track the general location of the child in the Youth Club area. These new Oceaneer Bands are highly popular and many Guests compare them directly to Walt Disney World’s MagicBands but the the Oceaneer Bands do not work in the same manner as the MagicBands. They do have a special security clasp keeping them in place.

At Disney’s Castaway Cay, primarily at Scuttle’s Cove, the check in is now much smoother and faster because the Youth Club Counselors have an Oceaneer Band reader hooked up to a computer.

The Oceaneer Bands replace the former MickeyBands which were cumbersome and unappealing, in my opinion. In fact I had several issues with my own children attempting to wear them.

Oceaneer Band replacement if kept or lost is only $12.95 compared to the $50 charge for the former MickeyBands. If you return the Oceaneer Band, you are issued an Oceaneer Band Return Receipt.

Disney Cruise Line is encouraging Guests to keep their Oceaneer Bands for future cruises.

Disney Cruise Line Oceaneer Bands.

DCL Oceaneer Bands 2

Youth Club Description

Disney’s Oceaneer Club 

This activity center is located Midship and offers many activities from dress up, to organized games and stories, themed activities and computer games. Each of the four ships offer similar programs but the themed areas are different. I will outline them for each ship. For children aged 3-12.

Disney Magic Oceaneer Club

Children gather in the central Library which is the portal to four themed “storybook worlds” that include:

  • Pixie Hollow – this space revolves around the Disney Fairies series with Tinker Bell and her friends. The space is decorated just like Tinker Bell’s fairy world.
  • Mickey Mouse Club– a Mickey Mouse themed room is filled with fun activities for kids to create crafts and play games such as Goofy Gears a super charged wall game.
  • Andy’s Room- from the hit movie Toy Story, children will be immersed right into the story when all the toys are life-sized. Kid’s can climb up to Andy’s bed and slide down from there on a Slinky Dog slide.
  • MARVEL’s Avengers Academy- the command post S.H.I.E.L.D. awaits kids where they train and prepare for missions. There are some pretty cool pieces of equipment from some of the Avengers such as Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s armour and Captain America’s shield. The Super Hero’s visit too.

Disney Wonder Oceaneer Club

Oceaneer Club on the Disney Wonder is completely themed from the Disney movie Peter Pan and looks like Captain Hook’s pirate ship from Never Land. The area offers large screens for viewing, a themed stage for entertainment, a dance floor, a dress up room called The Captain’s Closet, a slide resembling a crow’s nest and rope bridge as well as computers.

Children engage in arts and crafts, have the opportunity to watch Disney movies and play many collaborative games.

Disney Dream Oceaneer Club

A rotunda design at this particular Oceaneer Club is used as the main gathering place and leads to other themed play areas, or ‘lands’. A massive 103 plasma screen dominates this area and is used for watching Disney movies and hugely popular interactions with the famous turtle from Finding Nemo named Crush. Now that’s cool!

This area includes:

  • Explorer Pod- where children explore the Nemo Sub which looks like the one in Finding Nemo and has sixteen computers.
  • Monsters Academy- makes you feel as is you’ve stepped into the movie Monsters, Inc., and is filled will fun play areas and computers.
  • Andy’s Room- a huge recreation of Andy’s Room from the movie Toy Story complete with large scale furniture from the boys room. You can even crawl through a large Slinky Dog!
  • Pixie Hollow- a recreation of the popular settings from the series Tinker Bell allowing ample opportunities for dress up and pretend play.

Disney Fantasy Oceaneer Club

The ceiling of this club features Disney characters in the form of constellations, mingled in with Pixie Dust.

A rotunda design at this particular Oceaneer Club is used as the main gathering place and leads to other themed play areas, or ‘lands’. A massive 103 plasma screen dominates this area and is used for watching Disney movies and hugely popular interactions with the famous turtle from Finding Nemo named Crush, just like the rotunda in Oceaneer’s Club on the Disney Dream.

Four themed areas emerge from the rotunda:

  • Explorer Pod- showcasing a replica of the submarine from Finding Nemo with sixteen computer stations
  • Pixie Hollow- a recreation of Tinker Bell’s forested series where children can dress up and pretend play
  • Andy’s Room- a recreation of Andy’s Room in Toy Story with life sized replicas from the room
  • Monsters Academy- play area is a large replica of the factory in Monsters, Inc., with computer areas

Oceaneer Lab

This area is open from 9:00 a.m. to midnight daily and has Disney based theming for children aged 3-12. Each of the Oceaneer Lab areas on each ship will be outlined.

Disney Magic Oceaneer Lab

This area has a pirate theme and has many activity centers throughout. This area also features props and treasures from a member of the Society of Explorers (SEA) named Captain Mary Oceaneer.

The main hub has a huge plasma screen, a stage where children can take part in plays and a pirate workshop where children can cook and do other related activities.

Four areas branch off from the hub:

  • Navigation Game Station- a super cool private chest themed area with computers where children can play a Pirates of the Caribbean game. Children can steer a ship through the sea.
  • Captain’s Workshop- many fun filled activities take place in this large area for play and food service
  • Animator’s Studio- is a working animation studio where children can learn how to become an animator and create hand-drawn art sketches. The computer sketches eventually come to life
  • Craft Studio- hands on art projects can be created in this tactile studio

Disney Wonder Oceaneer Lab

The theming in this area on the Disney Wonder takes after Disney’s Toy Story featuring space age designs. Children can enjoy their meals here and can branch out to the many rooms offering computer labs, many televisions, lounging areas, science labs and reading areas.

Unique activities include:

  • Stitch’s Great Adventure- a challenge to help Stitch recover experiments by Dr. Jumba before they reek havoc
  • Animation Antics- a chance to learn and explore the history of animation and even create an animation flip book
  • Ratatouille Cooking School- children become expert cookie bakers and bake in the Ratatouille magic oven
  • Piston Cup Challenge- soap bars turned into racing cars provide good clean, competitive fun

Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy Oceaneer Lab

The main hub of this area has a huge plasma screen which is interactive, a stage for performances and plays and leads to differently themed activity areas. This lab is connected to Oceaneer Club by a workshop and lab. Children are welcomed to enjoy their meals here.

Themed Spaces:

  • Craft Studio- many arts and crafts projects await in this space
  • Media Room- a large room fitted with comfy seating such as bean bag chairs, where they can watch movies, read books or play video games
  • Sound Studio- children who love music can learn how to create it
  • The Wheelhouse– an area devoted to technology featuring many computers and massive LCD screens where children can play many interactive games including the ever popular Pirates of the Caribbean game
  • Animator’s Studio- replicating a true animation studio, children are taught how to draw sketches of their favourite Disney characters and then bring them to life on the screen

Activities at Oceaneer Lab

Activities geared around children’s ages are available to them. Such activities are Monsters, Inc Open “Mike” Night, Get the Hook! and Super Sloppy Science with Professor Make-O-Mess

Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab photos.

DCL Oceaneer Club

DCL Oceaneer Lab

Disney Magic and Disney Wonder Edge

This area is similar on both the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder and accommodates children from ages 11-14. It is located on Deck 2 midship and offers high tech entertainment in the form of video games, televisions and computers as well as planned activities.

Activities include:

  • A Pirate’s Life for Me- a fun pirate trivia game
  • Pizza Perfection- a unique game played for pizza toppings which when combined allows children to create and bake their own pizzas.
  • Road Tour- a game of scavenger hunting throughout the ship in order to gather rock ‘n’ roll passport stamps

Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy Edge

Tweens ages 11-14 have great fun in this state of the art, high tech area. Edge features a massive 18 foot video wall, an illuminated dance floor and computer stations. Activities include creating an improv comedy show to be performed live for guests on the ship. As well, tweens have the opportunity to play a mystery game with unique ghost hunting gear to explore strange occurrences at sea.

Photo of Edge.

DCL Edge

Disney Magic and Disney Wonder Vibe

This exclusive hang-out for teens aged 14-17 is reminiscent of a college dormitory recreation room or coffee shop. Many age based activities and interests await from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. Teens can partake in social activities with people their age and engage in dancing, karaoke, enjoy non-alcoholic beverages at a bar type area. They have many flat screen televisions, video games, DVD players and many board games at their disposal. Vibe has some of the best dance parties onboard.

Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy Vibe

Vibe, the teen hang-out on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy offers both indoor and outdoor spaces. The indoor space resembles an urban coffee shop and ultra-cool nightclub offering many comfortable chairs and couches, media rooms and a massive LCD screen for interactive fun. A non-alcoholic coffee bar and trendy DJ dance area where aspiring DJ’s can mix and spin the tracks. There are built-in oval wall pods with cushioned seating where teens can watch their own video, listen to music or play video games.

The Sundeck is outdoor and safely enclosed and offers cool loungers, splash pools, misters, pop jets and fountains for cooling off. Teens can also enjoy ping-pong and foosball on the Sundeck.

Photos of Vibe indoor and The Sundeck

DCL Vibe

DCL Vibe Sundeck

Family Lounges

Families can enjoy playing games together, singing, dancing, karaoke and partaking in fun organized game show type activities in D Lounge aboard the Disney Magic, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy and Studio Sea aboard the Disney Wonder.

DCL D Lounge

Enchanted Art LCD Screens 

The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are adorned with interactive LCD screens featuring popular scenes and characters from Disney movies. As well, on the Disney Dream guests can enjoy The Midship Detective Agency by activating the Enchanted Art screens by using bar-coded play cards in order to look for clues to solve a mystery. Respectively, on the Disney Fantasy guests can play a similar game with the Muppets called “The Case of the Stolen Show”.

Enchanted Art DCL

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique 

The Disney Fantasy, the fourth and newest ship in the fleet features the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique carried over from the two boutiques at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Fairy Godmothers in training create magical, pixie dusted transformations for little princesses and swashbuckling transformations for little pirates.

DCL Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique2


All four ships have arcades on the pool deck featuring the latest and most popular video games where guests of all ages can have fun. On the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder the arcade is called Quarter Masters whereas on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy the arcade is called Arr-cade.

Disney Cruise Line is number one at entertainment and devotes practically an entire deck to supervised Youth Clubs. They also have the longest running hours for Youth Clubs at sea.


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