runI am not a runner.

Way back in the day, like before-children-back-in-the-day, I used to run, and I enjoyed it. Then I had children and began chasing after them. Twenty-four years later, I am still chasing. Running for fun just does not appeal to me. I like to think that because I am older now, I am just not-so-quick to rush anything anymore. I would rather just take my time and enjoy what’s around me. Or, it could be because I do not wear sneakers. Seriously, the thought of closed toe shoes without some form of a heel(think boots), makes me cringe. I do not remember the last pair of real sneakers I owned. I do have a pair of closed toe, “sort of” sneakers, but those are more fashionable than beneficial. I only have those because I live in Florida, and I own flip flops. Florida cold can be rough some nights!

I DO like to walk. I could walk the parks from open to close. I love the feeling I get from walking, and walking the parks is a win-win situation for this neurotic Disney momma. Exercise and Disney time all in one! So why have I never participated in a runDisney event? NDD participates in just about every one offered in Walt Disney World. What’s wrong with me? I have my reasons.

I am not a fan of setting my alarm for dark-thirty o’clock to get up for an event that I paid to participate in. I was a race widow for the Princess Half Marathon. I was included in that “mini-staycation” of sorts. We had a hotel room.  We were on property for the whole weekend. And what did I see? I saw many people hurting after these races. Limping. Ice bags taped to their knees. I’m no spring chicken. That could be me. I do not see how voluntarily paying to injure yourself while at Disney is fun or enjoyable.

NDD Breakfast at Boma

Nope, not injured. Breakfast at Boma will do this to you, too. Although I’m sure NDD may have been tired after Boma AND the Glass Slipper Challenge!

Speaking of paying, those race fees are expensive! Especially if you run them all. I would much rather have a new Disney Dooney instead of a medal. I would carry that everywhere. A medal would just hang on the wall. Much more practical, right? For the price of my annual pass, I can walk all of the parks, at any pace I want, every day of the year. And definitely NOT at dark-thirty o’clock!

And, I don’t have to wear sneakers (shudder).

So, how in the world am I signed up for not one, but TWO 5ks this year??

I’m wondering how I got myself into this mess. I blame NDD’s running buddy.

You see, runners have running buddies. I am assuming this, since I do not run, therefore, I do not have a running buddy. But I hear people talk about these things. NDD has a friend, who is also his running buddy. They ran Expedition Everest as a team last year, and they loved it. With this year being the last Expedition Everest race ever, I assumed that they would run it again. But this, folks, is where the plot thickens. NDD’s buddy somehow scheduled his visit for the week AFTER the race. So that left NDD to run this on his own without being a part of a team. Being a good wife, I could feel NDD’s pain. He SO wanted to participate in this last-ever event. And I do love NDD. So, I sucked it up and put it out there…

“I’ll do Everest with you, if you want me to.”

NDD is a runner. He is pretty speedy, too. And he does it OFTEN. Like every day, often. I really expected him to be thankful, but realize that I would more than hold him back. So how did he respond?

“What size shirt do you wear?”

We were signed up before I could even relay my size. It was THAT quick. It is a night race, so I can’t complain about dark-thirty o’clock alarms. It includes a scavenger hunt, which I am all for.  He has already tried to tell me that he thinks we can do an 8 minute mile. Unfortunately for him, that will not be happening because you cannot run an 8 minute mile and take advantage of all the cool photo opportunities runDisney provides! Of course, I am going to be all over that. I’m sure we will find a compromise somewhere.

NDD & NDK Princess Weekend

I’ll bet they were plotting all along…

And because I said I would do this, NDD and our friends are convinced that I will be hooked and want to Run. It. All. So, he signed me up to run another 5k later this year. With NDK. Who likes to run. She ran the mile at the Princess Half and told NDD that was not a long enough race for her. She needed more. They planned to run a 5k. There will be no leisurely 15 minute pace with that one!

Now all I need is a good pair of shoes?? And clothes to wear, too?? Help me, runners! I need a decent pair of “not ugly” shoes that I can wear to run participate in two 5ks. And what on earth do I wear? I’m quite sure that my cute Mickey sundress will not work. Everest is this Saturday. I really need to go shopping! This will overjoy NDD to no end, because this is the first, official acknowledgement that I am actually participating. Yikes.

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One thought on “Why I Do NOT runDisney (or, How Am I Signed Up For TWO 5ks?) – The Neurotic Tales

  1. Can’t help with the shoes, but the clothes??? That is easy. You start with a cute little running skirt. For my first 5K that my friends talked me into, I went with Sparkle Skirts-modest, lots of pockets, get the built in shorts, comfy, and cute as all get out! (Did I mention that I wore it on my cruise and now have one for every race?) Any T-shirt will do, but themed is always best. And then any other themed accessories are a must! I think my favorites so far have been the lady that dressed as a Haunted Mansion Dooney and the AT-AT couple.

    And the 5K’s? While the elite runners in the first corrals run, the rest of us humans walk quickly or for some, not so quickly. And at least on the west coast, those in the back of the pack get to see the cutest little kids running around and their parents valiantly try to keep up with them.

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