I have never seen a Marvel Avengers movie.

Yes, I live under a rock.

Marvel Avengers age of ultronWhen I was invited to a special screening of Marvel AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, I had serious doubts that I should attend. How would I write a review that would be worthy of Marvel fans?

Let’s back up just a bit. I am not “against” Marvel. I love super heroes and comic book characters. I watched The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man as a child. I did see Marvel Universe LIVE. So why I haven’t seen any of these movies, I cannot really say. But, I figured, I cannot be the ONLY mom living under a rock, right? I bet there are others out there who have not seen any of these movies and wonder what they are missing out on! I decided I would go.

The movie is 141 minutes long (yes, that is just shy of 2.5 hrs, folks). You may remember that NDK is a HUGE Marvel fan. She knows all of the characters and gave me the low down before I was off to see the movie. I figured as long as I can recognize the characters, I will be fine. I was off on my super hero adventure! And I have to admit, I was feeling excited!

Marvel has a huge following. There were people dressed in shirts representing their favorite Marvel character. People were chit-chatting about what they think will happen and memories from previous movies. I felt a little left out, but even more excited to see just what it is that everyone is SO excited for! I got my popcorn and settled in, ready to “Assemble.”

I promise that I will not give any spoilers. Not seeing any of the other movies, though, I’m not really sure what would be considered a spoiler! So, if this review is void of details, you understand why.

The movie does not hold back when it comes to action! We start out right in the middle of something, which may have been left off from the last movie. Either way, it’s fast, it’s intense, and IT. IS. AWESOME. I was so into this movie within the first few minutes, I couldn’t believe it. Things start to calm a bit and I start to recognize the characters. The only character that I had a bit of trouble recognizing was Hawkeye. The others are fairly easy to spot.

The plot of the movie was not too tricky to figure out. But as the movie went on, I did start to note that I had a few questions about what was going on and who other people were. I wanted to know MORE! This was not troubling as far as watching the movie, but definitely questions I want answered. Ultron proves to be the ultimate bad guy, and being voiced by James Spader helps reinforce that. The twins, Pietro & Wanda Maximoff, were introduced in this film. Following their story line was exciting, to say the least. The brother & sister team brought a lot of action and suspense into this movie.

Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron

Marvel AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON  offered so much more than I expected. There was humor, mostly delivered in one liners, but very prominent. There was a small bit of romance, but not enough to be inappropriate for younger eyes or to distract from the action in this film. There was plenty of action, but not so much that you would cringe or cover eyes. There was a story that I wanted to know more of. A story that I will be investing so much more time into.

Bottom line, if you have never seen an Avengers movie, what are you waiting for?? Do not let the duration of this movie hold you back. I assure you, those 141 minutes flew by. Action, adventure, romance, story lines, and humor- this movie has it all. This movie is totally date-night worthy.

Ultron poster Avengers MarvelAnd now I bet you want to know who my favorite Avenger is. I can’t say that yet. I want to watch the individual movies first before making that decision. They all have such great personalities! Tony Stark is sarcastic, but I could see liking Iron Man for his intelligence. Thor, oh Thor. He’s just so “Old World meets New World” fantastic, yet he has a compelling, overshadowing story that I want to know. Hawkeye is tough and very focused, yet his story line and how he fits in, I am unsure. Black Widow is entirely one tough gal, with a very troubling back story. The Hulk, oh my, green guy. I may have been inclined to have a soft spot for him more, having watched the TV show as a child, but Dr. David Banner has his own story to tell as well.  Last, but not least, Captain America is humorous and determined. And his shield is pretty cool, too.

As I am off to catch up on other Marvel movies now, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. For disclosure, I was invited to see this movie in exchange for my honest opinion. I was also awarded “Cool NDM” status from my older NDI children.

Do you have a favorite Avenger? Any advice for me as I embark on my continuing Marvel education?




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