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Tamela loves living her Disneyside in the parks and Everywhere! Since, at age of 4 Tamela has loved the joy and memories that Disney has added to her life. After being diagnosed with Lupus in her early 30’s, she has cherished everyday and there is no better way then living life showing her Disneyside! Tamela enjoys planning vacations, photography, parties, and just going about her daily activities but one thing is for sure, she will always be Showing her Disneyside! Tamela’s husband (Dale) and sons (Daelan and Landen) enjoy sharing the love of Disney with her!


dancing-with-the-stars dwtsThe finals are just around the corner and last night I was in anticipation of who would be eliminated! Two of our dancers have danced their last dance.  The stress was on, but I was looking forward to the show!

Len started the show off by requesting a replay of Rumer, Val, and Artem’s Paso Doble. They rocked it just as well as Monday night’s performance! We then found out that Rumer was safe!

Kenny, Jerry, and Len entertained us in the dance center! They were a hoot! They roasted each contestant. Lol! I was crying and in stitches!

Next, we found out that Chris was in jeopardy and Carly Rae Jepsen would be performing “I Really Like You.”  The dance floor was full of pro dancers with roses, polka dots,and stripes everywhere.

Noah and Robert were up next to find out if they were eliminated or safe. With the public vote added, Robert was eliminated! That meant that Noah would dance in the semi-finals. We were hoping to find out where Robert and Kym’s relationship was going but we got nothing! I guess time will tell!

Back to the dance center we went! Oh my! These guys were hilarious! I hope that DWTS keeps this trio! Riker and Nastia were waiting for the results. Nastia was safe and Riker was in jeopardy. Next, we were entertained by Josh Groban. He sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” while Maddie Zeigler danced a contemporary ballet with two other young dancers.  They did an amazing job!

Now, the time had come to find out who would be in the semi-finals and who would be eliminated. So far we had Noah, Rumer, and Nastia in the semi-finals. Would we have Chris or Riker join them?  Riker would dance the semi-finals! This left our bachelor Chris as the second elimination. He was in tears!

Semi-finals next week guys and gals! Until then, dance like no one is watching!

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