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Charlene grew up watching all the classic Disney movies and dreaming of being a princess but only recently became a full-fledged Disney Fanatic when her Prince Charming finally talked her into taking their family of seven on a WDW vacation (after 10 years of begging). Now, Charlene is often found pinning Disney tips, reading Disney blogs, and strategically planning out their next Disney vacations. Out of their five children, there is only one little princess, with whom Charlene can live vicariously through, meeting Disney princesses and watching all the magical Disney fairy tales together. Charlene is also an independent travel planner with Ears of Experience, contact her for all your Disney travel needs at


Are you planning a trip to Disney and looking for items to purchase before you leave? Or maybe you’ve recently returned from a trip and are having serious withdrawals from Disney (Disney Withdrawal Syndrome, or DWS, is a legitimate and serious condition for which you must seek immediate help by submersing yourself in more Disney).

I never noticed how much Disney existed in the world around us until DWS set in for me. Everywhere I turned I saw The Mouse and his friends and it was so comforting. So I have put together a helpful guide for anyone needing more Disney at home.

First stop – the Dollar Tree. Perfect place for Disney themed party favors – they have everything, and for, you guessed it, only a dollar! Win!

Dollar Tree

They even have a whole section of Hawaiian-themed party decorations for those of us who love (and miss) the Polynesian. Mahalo!

Dollar Tree2

You just can’t beat the variety of characters, themes, and assortments of Disney products at the Dollar Tree. This is also a great place to stock up on pixie dust before your next trip to Disney – they have puzzles, coloring books, bubbles, and many other items to keep kids entertained on the plane, waiting in line for rides – plus glo sticks/necklaces for the fireworks!

Dollar Tree1

JCPenney was my next stop in my quest for more Disney. At first glance around the store, I was a little more than surprised to find very little for Disney apparel. I cruised over to the children’s section first anticipating many cute little Baby Disney outfits but found absolutely nothing. Nothing! I did happen upon some Disney clothing in the Juniors section but nothing real impressive. This turned out to be my least favorite shop. Here is what I did find:


Not surprising, there was plenty of Cinderella and Marvel apparel to be found – but really JCP? NO DISNEY KIDS CLOTHES??


I do love the saying on the blue shirt. The right shoes can absolutely change your life.


Kohl’s was by far my favorite. They have an amazing selection of Disney clothes for the entire family. If you need some Disney apparel before your next trip or you have a daughter in love with all things Disney Princess (my daughter), then Kohl’s is your place.


I can’t even handle how adorable these clothes are.


Seriously everything from shoes and hats to pjs and princess dresses.


No shortage on choices for the boys in your life either. Need some Star Wars boxers for Father’s Day? You’re welcome.


Lauren Conrad’s new line for Disney at Kohl’s is a must. Look closely at that red skirt – do you see those details?! Love. I’ll never tell my husband how much I spent when I was here “working”.


Target wins for best all around store – they have it. Party decorations, clothing, household needs. If you ever need an excuse to go to Target (really?), here it is.


Can’t get your kids to brush? Maybe these will help.

Target3Disney party themes for boys, girls, and toddlers.


That pink Cinderella clutch is in the girl’s section. I doubt anyone will ever notice that’s where I got it from.


You could literally purchase your entire household needs from Target and have pretty much all of them be Disney. Obsess much?? No.


Your kids dream of their next trip to Disney, why not help them out with Disney bedding.


Again, I may have overspent.


There you have it! A whole lot of Disney, right within reach. It doesn’t matter if you live in the Sunshine State or waaaayyyy up here in Minnesota like me, Disney is everywhere.

What Disney merchandise have you found? Tell me if there are others!

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