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BacheloretteIf you remember from where we left off last week, Clint is in trouble! But he thinks he’s ok. He tells the other guys he’s gonna make some power moves. Yeah, towards the limo! He and Kaitlyn talk, and it looks like he could pull this out when she hesitates, but you can tell he’s worried about his hair or losing JJ. Kaitlyn senses this too and drops the hammer on Clint.

JJ looks devastated then turns on Clint. They have some pretty nasty words and it looks like they may duke it out. Nope. Clint takes the ride of shame in a van. Didn’t I say this is better than wrestling? JJ’s interview after was awesome – sobbing. Then he slaps himself. Wow. The other guys don’t like how JJ threw Clint under the bus. I guess JJ is desperate to go zip lining in Belize and was willing to cut ties with Clint.

But there’s no rose ceremony. Now I’m crying. Thanks JJ.

Now they’re off to New York. Group date announcement, and cheers all around except for when JJ is called. Villains gotta vill, right?

Guest star Doug E. Fresh – now this I can stand. Six minutes, six minutes, six minutes Doug E. Fresh you’re on. Rap battles coming. JJ says he listens to show tunes only. Shocking. Shawn looks uncomfortable. Terrible rapping but JJ flames out. Then some guy named Nick shows up.

We are not supposed to add guys. This breaks show rules (at least I say so), and only prolongs the season. It IS baseball season you know. JJ will be happy since Nick will be disliked more. The guys aren’t pleased, and neither am I. I already don’t like this guy. He looks like a slacker, plus he’s added to, not subtracted from, the pool of guys.

Jared gets one on one date at the museum. Justin gets group date rose after saying he’s ok with Nick staying. Well played. He’s gotta be lying.

After a tough night, Kaitlyn goes for hair salon therapy. This guy Nick apparently flew to New York without a comb. The other guys might share hair gel with him. Or not.

Jared has a nice one on one date with Kaitlyn. Jared reads a poem to Kaitlyn (yuck) and goes for helicopter ride, gets a rose. Then the guys are talking about the new guy. Enter Nick? Nope. Group date card.

Kaitlyn announces Nick is coming on the show. Guys aren’t pleased. Wait until Nick sees Ben Z. I really miss Kupah and Tony now.

Broadway group date to see “Aladdin”. The pain continues as I watch the guys sing and dance. Chris is WAY too excited about winning the theater spot. Nick still has no comb. Besides Doug E. Fresh, the most talent on this episode is the Aladdin cast and the street drummer.

This week’s cliffhanger is Nick’s intro to the guys. This episode was way too drawn out. Elevator ride footage is not good tv. ABC could’ve condensed this episode into 15 minutes, but they need longer episodes to have more commercial breaks to sell more ads to pay for Disney’s Magic Bands. Only the best analysis on this website!!!!

In summary, here are some better ways to spend your time than watching this week’s episode:

  1. learning the intricacies of baseball’s infield fly rule.
  2. memorizing the U.S. Tax Code.
  3. calculating pi to the 25th decimal place.
  4. eating Brussels sprouts.
  5. Diagramming sentences.

What’d you think of this week?

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