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Charlene grew up watching all the classic Disney movies and dreaming of being a princess but only recently became a full-fledged Disney Fanatic when her Prince Charming finally talked her into taking their family of seven on a WDW vacation (after 10 years of begging). Now, Charlene is often found pinning Disney tips, reading Disney blogs, and strategically planning out their next Disney vacations. Out of their five children, there is only one little princess, with whom Charlene can live vicariously through, meeting Disney princesses and watching all the magical Disney fairy tales together. Charlene is also an independent travel planner with Ears of Experience, contact her for all your Disney travel needs at


As Father’s Day rapidly approaches, I love talking with the kids to find out what their ideas are for gifts for their dad. Our 17 year old, who is quite practical and has received my amazing gift-giving skills, thinks that tow mirrors for dad’s truck would be a great gift. The middle two, ages nine and six, think dad needs more tools, a back scratch (actually this is his most favorite thing in the world), and maybe a new fish house (only those of you who live where lakes freeze solid six months out of the year will understand the need for this). The babies didn’t feel like participating in the conversation, they were too busy having tea parties and pulling fur off the cat, but their dad will love their drool covered gifts, nonetheless.

Being the Disney-loving family that we are, I can always count on someone to add in a little magic to anything we happen to be celebrating – and fathers certainly are worth celebrating. Jude, our six year old, is pretty sure that dad would love to ride Expedition Everest for Father’s Day. He is absolutely correct. Unfortunately for all of us, we won’t be anywhere near Disney while celebrating their awesome dad, but it got me thinking about what we would do for him if we were there.

Golf for sure. Every Father’s Day my husband takes his dad golfing. No doubt both of them would be thrilled to tee up at either of these beautiful courses.

magnolia-golf-course-00 disney-golf-magnolia-profile1

palmtrans Palm-Sig-1

And do you really get to drive these golf carts??


Dads need to be pampered too so after a hard afternoon swinging clubs, he deserves a relaxing Sports Massage from Senses – A Disney Spa at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. Since I’d be there too, I may as well indulge in a few spa services myself, I think the Bubbly Bath Body Treatment will do.

Then it’s time for dinner and no place does food quite like Disney. Since dads deserve the best, make sure to secure reservations at The BOATHOUSE where he must.have.this.steak.


And don’t stop there, let’s give him something more to tell all his friends about – an amphicar ride! Seriously.


For those of you spending Father’s Day in the parks, I’ve provided you with the ideal itinerary for the incredible dad in your life. For the rest of us, help those kids cut out their back scratch coupons, pick out obnoxious singing cards from the store, and even though you can’t send him golfing at Disney, you could get him this shirt to wear at your local golf course instead.


Whatever you choose to do for the dad in your life, make sure he knows just how loved and appreciated he is and do your best to make his day magical.

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