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Stephanie was born and raised in Philadelphia PA. She still lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and 2 young daughters who are 6 and 9. She first visited Walt Disney World with her parents in 1978 when Magic Kingdom was the only park! She reconnected with Walt Disney World in 2007 when she and her husband planned a trip with their first daughter, who was 15 months old at the time. Visiting with her young daughter showed a different side to a WDW vacation and she fell in love with the Disney magic all over again. Stephanie and her family have been back to Walt Disney World every year since and even became Disney Vacation Club members. Stephanie’s second daughter had her first trip when she was 9 months old, so she loves giving vacation planning tips to families with young children. Stephanie also loves dining at Walt Disney World and she is the person in the restaurants taking food pictures! Stephanie is so excited to be contributing to the Disney Driven Life and can’t wait to start sharing tips and experiences!


Liberty Tree Tavern is a sit down restaurant at Walt Disney World Resort. It is located in Magic Kingdom Park in Liberty Square. Liberty Square transports park guests to Colonial America with its distinctive architectural elements. Keeping with the theme, the restaurant is divided into rooms named after famous figures from the Revolutionary period such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

Standing in front of the restaurant is Magic Kingdom Park’s own Liberty Tree, which is representative of “liberty trees” that became rallying points for colonists during the Revolutionary War, and is complete with 13 lanterns representing the 13 original colonies. History buffs may enjoy the retelling of the events of this time in the 1957 film “Johnny Tremain” made by Walt Disney Productions. (on TCM Treasures from the Vault July 2, 2015!)

For those interested in the history of Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom Park’s Liberty Tree has its own intriguing story as well, including how the tree arrived at it’s current site.

liberty tree

Photo courtesy of

But I digress on my love of history and will get back to the delicious Liberty Tree Tavern restaurant!

Lunch is ordered from an a la carte menu while dinner is served family style. This review will feature the lunch offerings. If you are wondering the difference, dinner is a delicious selection of comfort foods fashioned after a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Selections include roast turkey, beef and pork with accompaniments such as green beans, stuffing, and macaroni and cheese. Dessert is Johnny Appleseed cake (vanilla cake with Craisins® and apples) served with vanilla ice cream.

As mentioned, lunch is ordered off the menu.

Liberty Tree Tavern menu

I ordered the Declaration Salad (Field Greens tossed in your choice of our Tavern-made Dressing or Garlic-Buttermilk Dressing) as my appetizer. This is just the right size for an appetizer salad and is fresh and delicious. The tavern-made dressing is vinaigrette that is very good.

Declaration Salad

My husband ordered the New England clam chowder. It was a large bowl full of tender potatoes and sweet clams.

New England Clam Chowder

For my entrée I had Freedom Pasta (Rigatoni Pasta with Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables tossed in a Cream Sauce). Although not rigatoni, this dish was very good. The portion is very generous and could easily be shared between 2 adults. There were many big chunks of tender juicy chicken with chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach. The cream sauce was not overpowering or heavy. This is definitely a favorite dish of mine!

Freedom Pasta

My husband ordered the New England Pot Roast (Our Tavern Keeper’s Favorite…Braised Beef in a Cabernet Wine and Mushroom Sauce served with Mashed Potatoes and Garden Vegetables). This entrée is absolutely delicious! Again the portion is easily enough for 2 people but you may not want to share, I know my husband didn’t! Under the tender beef and roasted vegetables is a nice scoop of mashed potatoes. This dish is flavorful, rich, and hearty. You may want to take that into consideration if your plan is to be walking around the park for the rest of the day! As I mentioned it is easily a meal that you can split, especially if you enjoy an appetizer too.

New England Pot Roast

If you love the Thanksgiving style meal that is featured at dinner, but also enjoy the flexibility of ordering from a variety of appetizers and desserts, there is a meal for you too! The Pilgrim’s Feast (Traditional Roast Turkey served with Herb Bread Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, and a Garden Vegetable) is on the lunch menu. This picture is from 2013 but the meal is the same. Our dining partner enjoyed his Feast.

Pilgrim's Feast

My children once again went with the ‘child friendly” option of macaroni and cheese which they enjoyed. It is similar to the kids mac and cheese served at a number of other Walt Disney World Resort table service restaurants.


Dessert is another thing that sets apart to lunch and dinner menus at Liberty Tree Tavern. At dinner there is one choice as mentioned above, but lunch has a few choices, one of which is considered my many to be the piece de resistance of this meal – the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake (Vanilla Cake with a Gooey Toffee Filling, Caramel Sauce, and Vanilla Ice Cream). Here are a couple different pictures to show the pure delicious gooey-ness!

Ooey Gooey Toffee CakeOoey Gooey Toffee Cake

The kids had the ice cream that came with their meal which was vanilla ice cream with chocolate drizzle and star spangled sprinkles. They enjoyed it.

Kids ice cream

I had the berry sorbet which I enjoyed very much. It was nice to have something light and fresh after my pasta.

Berry Sorbet

Overall lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern is a great choice. It is one of the few restaurants that my husband requests to go to each time we visit Walt Disney World. I highly recommend Liberty Tree Tavern for the decor and atmosphere and how skillfully American and Disney World history is incorporated into them.

The food is delicious and hearty. It is a good choice for a meal before heading off to your resort for a break, and is a great place to share if you have a smaller appetite.

Note – Liberty Tree Tavern will be closing for planned maintenance starting July 6, 2015 and is currently scheduled for reopening November 20, 2015. For those in or near your 180 day mark for making Advanced Dining Reservations, there are no dates available for booking after the restaurant closes. My assumption is that once the maintenance is underway and the reopening date is more concrete, the availability will be loaded into the dining system.

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