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Charlene grew up watching all the classic Disney movies and dreaming of being a princess but only recently became a full-fledged Disney Fanatic when her Prince Charming finally talked her into taking their family of seven on a WDW vacation (after 10 years of begging). Now, Charlene is often found pinning Disney tips, reading Disney blogs, and strategically planning out their next Disney vacations. Out of their five children, there is only one little princess, with whom Charlene can live vicariously through, meeting Disney princesses and watching all the magical Disney fairy tales together. Charlene is also an independent travel planner with Ears of Experience, contact her for all your Disney travel needs at


People often ask me for tips on how to save for Disney. At our house, we’ve made it a priority by making it a family affair.

Here’s our best advice:

  • Saving money for DisneyChoose a container to keep your savings in.
  • Decorate your container/jar together.
  • Leave the jar in a high-traffic area in your house so you can watch it grow (seeing it daily will also remind you to make your deposits).
  • If you’re not a “cash” family, request cash back from your card when you are checking out at the store – put it in the jar.
  • Have the kids sell toys they don’t want anymore, put the money in the jar.
  • Make a big deal when you make a deposit – so everyone knows, gets excited, and remembers to make their own deposits.
  • Cut back on other expenditures to make room for Disney money. Sometimes, we want to go out to eat, but decide to put the money in the jar instead, or, rather than buying yet another Lego set, the kids put their money in the jar.
  • Ask for Disney gift cards in lieu of birthday money or toys.
  • Put the kids to work at a lemonade stand and put their profits in the jar.

There are countless ways to find a little extra money in your budget to save for Disney trips – you just have to put a little thought and effort into it, get creative, and prioritize. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the money will pile up!


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