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Earlier this week, while shopping at Target, I noticed a first sign of fall…

Pumpkin cookies.

I’m not ready for “all things pumpkin” just yet. I am still enjoying sunshine (in between our daily Florida rain), green grass and that overall feeling of summer. Because summer has a more relaxed schedule, we can make many trips to Walt Disney World. While in the World this past week, we decided to shop at Basin in Downtown Disney, and not only were they ready for fall, they had winter covered as well! I completely understand this. If I were traveling to Disney in August, and this was my only trip, I would want to cover ALL of my upcoming holidays with some sort of Disney magic, too! Don’t worry – I have pictures 🙂

Let’s start with fall goodies:

Basin Halloween Soap - Jack


JackField fresh pumpkin with a dusting of harvest spice. $5.99/100g – I LOVE his yellow eyes, nose and mouth. I may have to purchase this guy.

Basin Halloween Soap - Mickey

MickeyLather up with freshly blended fragrances of the season. $5.99/100g This soap features black and orange hidden Mickeys.

Basin Halloween Soap - Autumn Leaves

Autumn LeavesThe colors of fall wrapped in a fragrant blanket of roasted chestnuts. $5.99/100g

Basin Halloween Soap - Ghoul Friend

Ghoul FriendYou won’t believe how ghoulishly good this fruity bar is! $5.99/100g

Now on to the winter holiday selection:

Basin Holiday Soap - Mickey Wood Blend

MickeyA crisp herbal-woody blend. Notes of lemons, wild mint, and a hint of eucalyptus for a fresh twist. $5.99/100g This bar features green hidden Mickeys and little Christmas trees.

Basin Holiday Soap - Mickey Cinnamon & Spice

MickeyA potpourri of holiday memories. Orange peel and dried fruit intertwined with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. $5.99/100g This bar features hidden Mickeys in red and green.

Basin Holiday Soap - Mickey Peppermint

MickeyPeppermint and spearmint accented with the fresh ozonic notes blended with orange, tangerine, lily and musk. $5.99/100g Features red hidden Mickeys.

Basin Holiday Soap - Mickey Gingerbread

MickeyExperience the scrumptious fragrance of warm gingerbread straight from the oven, $5.99/100g This bar features golden colored hidden Mickeys.

Basin Holiday Soap - Rudy

RudyA flying reindeer full of vanilla, citrus, floral and sandalwood. $5.99/100g

Basin Holiday Soap - Joy to the World

…To The WorldOrange, pine, and festive spice will bring you joy in this holiday bar. $5.99/100g

Basin Holiday Soap - Elf Shoes

Elf Shoes Colorful Elf shoes adorn this festive bar of sparkling effervescent champagne with a bright citrus twist of holiday cheer. $5.99/100g

Basin Holiday Soap - Holiday

HolidayA potpourri of holiday memories. Orange peel and dried fruit intertwined with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. $5.99/100g

Be sure to stop by basin and see these for yourself. While I did not check the store at Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, I am sure these are available there as well. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or tweet them to me (@disdrivenlife). I’ll do my best to find the answers for you! This is NOT a sponsored post. Just sharing with you 🙂

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