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make it pink make it blue

Make it pink! Make it blue! image found on Pinterest (from Sleeping Beauty)

Gender reveals are big right now for any parents-to-be. If you check out any social media platform they seem to be all the rage, with everyone trying to be more creative then the next. Even I am trying to find the best way to announce our new bundle of joy when the time comes. From making cakes to opening boxes filled with pink or blue things, the options are wide open. And just as I mentioned in last month’s article about name options, there is always the option to reveal the gender while traveling to the Disney Parks.

My husband and I are getting ready to head down in a couple of days, and while we won’t know the gender yet, we are already planning a reveal while there. Since we won’t exactly know yet, a little more planning will have to be involved. We will have to do whatever idea we decide for each gender. It may require a little more work and a little more time, but we are hoping that when we return home to learn the gender, we will have some fabulous pictures to share with friends and family.

If you and your family are heading to one of the many Disney Parks and would like to do a gender reveal, here are some ideas for you to think about:

Mickey Ears:
If you have thought of a name, why not put it on the back of the hat to reveal the gender? You could also put “It’s a Girl/It’s a Boy” and the year. Disney offers both pink and blue infant sized hats which would be adorable. Just make sure that name is the one you are set on before doing so! If you aren’t a fan of the traditional ears, grab a sparkly Minnie ears and go to town!

Reveal on a button:
If you are looking for a cheaper way (but no less adorable) make sure to grab an “I’m Celebrating” button found at any guest services location or when you check in to the resort (if you are staying on property). Have the cast member write out “It’s a Girl/It’s a Boy,” then it’s off to grab some photos at your favorite locations around the world. Grab a friendly PhotoPass photographer to help create even more magical memory shots!

Have the characters reveal:

Have Cinderella, Mickey or your favorite villain to hold up a sign, cut out or picture. I have seen some characters go all out for the pictures and will definitely assist with the reveal.

Balloons on Main Street:

Balloons are a big deal at Walt Disney World; you can find them at every park, with the exception of Animal Kingdom, and they come in array of colors, including both blue and pink. You could do this one of two ways, though one may be a bit easier than the other. If you know the gender grab the color then make your way in front of the castle and take a couple of shots around it. The other idea is one I have heard about, though you would have to have someone willing enough to do it for you. If you don’t want to find out the gender until that moment have someone you trust open the envelope while you are away then grab the specific gender color and bring it to you. Either way, this is a great opportunity to take some unique shots with both you and your partner.

Disney Booties:

Grab a pair of socks/booties and hold them up to either your belly or out while kissing in the middle of Main Street.

Lastly, if you have older kids, make sure you get them involved as well. After all, they are a big part of the family and will make them feel included. Bonus: you can do a lot of the same ideas mentioned just with different variations.

There is no wrong or right way to reveal the gender, the idea is to have fun with it. If you can reveal while you are visiting Disney Parks, you just may be able to make it one of the most magical memories of your vacation.

What do you think?

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