I drive a lot for work, and I tend to mix up what I listen to – baseball talk and audiobooks, but also listen to Disney park and resort audio loops, ride and attraction audio, and podcasts about Disney topics. Driving through a gloomy rain and hearing the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean, right up the drop, can actually make you feel like you’re sailing on a ship in stormy seas.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out there are a ton of Disney fans out there doing that too. Just like me, they’re trying to bring a little bit of the magic into their day, or maybe just have some nice, recognizable background noise that allows them to get things done.

And if you’re just starting to search for audio or videos, here’s what you may find:

Google search results for park audio

Google search results for park audio

That’s just the first page of what’s probably hundreds of sites, some of which are dead ends. Some could be scams, so be careful when entering uncharted waters.

There are websites all over the place where you can download audio (be careful downloading files, just saying), or stream online. So it led me to ask this question: what are your favorite sources for Disney Park and Resort audio?

iTunes is a good place to start. There are a lot of tracks from the park and resort audio loops, and of course, a zillion podcasts. Just search for Disney podcasts and you’ll see what I mean. There are podcasts with Disney photography tips, Disney trip planning, Disney history – you name it. ISO5571, WDW Radio, and TouringPlans are particular favorites of mine. And another cool thing about iTunes is being able to subscribe to podcasts, so you’ll get a notification in iTunes or your iOS device when there’s a new show. And these are all free.

There are a lot of websites that offer downloading and streaming audio. Yeah Disney Audios is a good source for a bunch of resort and park audio. I mean, Crystal Palace audio isn’t exactly easy to find, at least at a quick glance. (editor’s note: Yeah Disney Audios was not active as of 3/29/17. I have removed the link.)

If you’d rather stream audio, d-cot.com and live365.com are good choices, and both free, with options to purchase subscription, or in the case of d-cot, support the website. A bonus for signing up on d-cot.com is the interaction with other fans. Fellow Disney fans offer trip planning, first person reviews, and other tips.

Or if you’d like, search YouTube for the resort, park area, or attraction of your choice, and someone has uploaded video. I tend to stay with what seems to be more mainstream sources, because you never know when someone’s home video of Kilimanjaro Safaris might contain some language that’s not rated G. I usually just listen rather than watch, but as a family we sometimes watch rides and parades.

YouTube search results for park music

YouTube search results for park music

And of course there’s old school: records (anyone still listen to them?), tapes, and CD’s.

Anyway, those are my best sources for Disney related audio, but I’d like to learn about more. Where do you go for your Disney Audio?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Go-To Source for Disney Audio?

  1. Hi. Yeah Disney Audios is no longer there. Your link is way outdated dude. 🙂 Sucks to register just to point this out but that’s capitalism for ya. Glad a revolution is brewing.

  2. Hi Kyle – Thanks for taking the time to register & stop by. At the time this post was published(9/2015), the link was active. I have deactivated the link as of now (3/29/17). It’s really helpful when outdated links are caught by readers like yourself – thank you! We can’t verify every link in every article after they have been published…lol. Thanks again for taking the time to register & stop by – no worries, I do not sell your info or use it for anything. Registration is only in place to keep out spammers & spammy links from appearing in the comment sections 🙂 Have a great day! ~Maria

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