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First & foremost, I'm MOM! I have a Disney a DVC & D23 member, and a wannabe castmember. Magic seeker for life! I vacationed almost exclusively at WDW with my family as an adult and in the last couple years picked up my family to move there/here. And that’s where I am now…in Cinderella’s backyard with my family. I’m very happy to be a Disney local, at last.


Disney Bear - TBT


This week for Throwback Thursday, I found this – the book that started it all. Before the “Duffy Story” there was this, “The Story of the Disney Bear.” In this story, Duffy wasn’t “Duffy,” he was “the Disney Bear.” If you have not heard, Duffy will be sailing on to new adventures and will be retiring from Meet and Greets. His last day will be October 3rd, 2015.

The book tells a different story. Mickey was up late one night in Toontown and missing all of his friends. Tinker Bell appears and brings the Disney Bear to life, so he can explore Magic Kingdom with Mickey and create new memories.

We will miss Duffy as he sails on to new adventures.

Share your Duffy memories with us!

One thought on “Before He was Duffy – Throwback Thursday

  1. Seems as if some things just don’t play as well at WDW as they do in other parks such as Japan . Duffy Bear and Glow with the Show hats just didn’t catch on as much as I assume Disney would have liked. Duffy was cute, I guess, but not a big draw for guests at WDW.

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